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  1. I'm not planning on making a full fledged game myself and selling or distributing it to the world using their characters. I just want to have it in the basic playable form, that i can test with friends / closed group. I'm planning to get into any legal trouble by distributing things with DC characters, i just want to have it done, and who knows maybe pitch it formally as an idea.     The main mechanics are great and if anything i want to have it to play with close friends. This is a game i want to play, and one i want to make.
  2. Thanks for the link I will go ahead and read that. As to all the logic or rules i don't want to implement them . I'll leave that to the player as if they were playing in real life with cards.
  3. I don't plan on distributing it past close friends for now. I just want to make the project and who knows one day pitch it if it gets enough positive feedback once its in playable fashion. For now i just want to build it to test it in a very close group and see the mechanics in motion. If nothing else i want to play it myself with friends the game is something great and i would like to know how to make it. For now I just want those barebones in place.     I was trying libgdx and am able render cards on the board. But as far as how i would make a deck with these cards, shuffling, drawing,  and how to feed the image and stats to a card class i'm still kind of lost.
  4. Hello everyone. I am currently making a trading card game based on the DC comics universe. I am looking for someone who can point me in the right direction to get what i want on screen and running. What i want to do is just the barebones to be able to test the game out. This is Drawing, shuffling, having a deck and player hand, putting cards on the playing table.   Just the barebones in order to test, leaving the mechanics to the user, no card rules or logic for now, as if we were playing in real life on a real table. Automated things will come in the future. I have over 100 cards already made and making many many more at a fast pace. All the Rules are set want to be able to test to fine tune whatever needs fine tuning.I am paying attention to every little detail and everything will be tested to ensure it is balanced, strategic, and gives the players a lot of choices and of course the main thing, that it is fun to play. I consider myself a beginner in java programming as far as experience and things I've done, but i understand the concepts and the structure. I examine and understand concepts that are needed very quickly. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.   Here is a mock-up I made. None of the graphics are the ones ill use.
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