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  1. Hello, what I need to achieve is very simple HTML5(and Jquery) draggable tiled game map with players on it(for my mmorts), like the ones below. I'm not asking for someone to make it for me, just need some directions where to start and what to use(since my game has database should I use it for the map too?). Also I need to click on players's castles, but I think in canvas this is not possible. I want the map to be big, about 25000x25000px, but rendering that big image all at once would not be the way, obviously. EDIT: Can someone move this topic to beginners section, i think posted it in wrong place.
  2. Hello. I want to make a real-time browser game(mmorts), similar to Forge of Empires and Elvenar. I'm pretty familiar with PHP, Js(jQuery), AJAX/Rest API's, MySQL and HTML/CSS. I've red some similar topics here and here ,but I want to code it from scratch, without framework. Since my goal is to have many players worldwide, I have couple of questions: 1) In terms of Security(securing the game code/game data and users authentication), which languages/methods are best to pick, I've red some opinions that I should stay away from php and flash(nowdays flash is pretty common, everyone have the plugin)? 2) For the backend what are the pros and cons of NodeJs vs PHP handling multiple requests like a global chat? 3) How are these games actually made(Forge of Empires, Elvenar, League of Angels)? 4) In terms of graphics performance(low CPU/GPU cost) which methods are the lightest to use? I see that Flash is a quite heavy for low/mid-end pc's.
  3. hotsaucebg3

    c++ directX app crashes

    i've intalled MSVCR100d.dll and "Chili DirectX Framework V12.04.24 (Mk III)" runs now, but the original framework still crashes, dunno why...it could be really the code.. anyways, thanks!
  4. hotsaucebg3

    c++ directX app crashes

    The code is fine, it runs on another computer. You can download the framework here http://www.planetchili.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=961 . Now I've just started visual studio as administrator and got another error: MSVCR100d.dll is missing...
  5. Hello. I am following c++ DirectX tutorials(ChiliTomatoNoodle channel in YT), and I am having problem when i execute chili's framework. The sollution builds fine, but when I run program from the .exe(in the Release folder) or hit ctrl+ F5, it crashes with message: Framework.exe has stopped working. Laptop is: Toshiba Satellite A105 I am using windows 7 32-bit, i've installed Visual Studio 2010, DirectX SDK, and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010. the debug mode gives me: "Unhandled exception at 0x001d133a in Chili DirectX Framework.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000." at this row: theGame.Go();  
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