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  1. It's a conspiracy! http://ezjones.github.io/this-is-why-the-ps3-always-felt-weird/
  2. imaginauteur

    Who is bipolar and working in the industry?

    yes, dont feel you cant make games because of being diagnosed with anything. Also, the DSM is full of nonsense.
  3. imaginauteur

    Help with Tablet + Art combo

    this one by nvidia is interesting
  4. I hate QTEs too. Devs add them because they want their games to look more like movies. Inferiority complex? Maybe. If you use film cameras and cuts it's hard to control your character so the controls switch to "hit x fast" and thats about it. I think they make games become kind of an interactive dvd. It's a solution for the time being until we figure the right way to do it.
  5. imaginauteur

    What if game engines were cars?

    Hi Guys,   I wrote this article comparing Unreal, Unity and Cryengine from personal experience.     http://ezjones.github.io/what-if-game-engines-were-cars/
  6. imaginauteur

    Anyone using the Open Source "Brackets" Code Editor (By Adobe)?

    i find it slow compared to sublime. It seems to be very web oriented. With CSS peek and all that.
  7. imaginauteur

    Microsoft release free Community Edition of VS 2013

    maybe we will get VS for Mac in a year. 
  8. imaginauteur

    How would I go about developing a console like ps1 or n64

    retroarch is on github. it emulates a lot of machines. You can learn by studying it. https://github.com/libretro
  9. imaginauteur

    Anyone using the Open Source "Brackets" Code Editor (By Adobe)?

    i heard the dev of sublime is not responding and people are freaking out a bit. I like it but maybe not the best option for the future. It is closed source after all.
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