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  1.   Were they always? Because someone here claimed they weren't.
  2. I would rather stay away from lua and move onto C++/C# :P
  3.   This.   If you want to get rich, become a stock broker. Or enter some other business shark line of work. If you want to earn the bucks with even less work, work yourself into a management position. Wear a suit, go to bussiness school and become a busy looking, well paid suit. (as a disclaimer: no, I don't think all managers and brokers are the same. But my what I have seen in person from them formed my opinion on them)   Making games from what I can tell this far is like creating art. Some are very successfull with it and get well paid (though they still work more for less payment than some of the suits or sharks). Most of them will probably barely survive with what they earn. The saying "starving artist" does come from somewhere.      Simple as that: your chances to get lucky like notch are almost nil, Your chances to become a big game dev megastar like Carmack are almost nil.   The only reason to keep doing what you plan to do is because your really do enjoy creating games.     Well, I want to get into development because I have always enjoyed creating addons/modifications for games than playing them and creating my own game would be like... making a huge pack of mods (whatever that means). Money is also a side effect, I wouldn't mind not getting paid if people really enjoyed my game, but I also want to pay bills and I don't know how long my other sources of income will keep flowing, so to focus fully on development I would have other things settled.
  4.   I see, then I guess I'll get myself VS 2013 :P
  5. Holy crap, that's a lot of helpful info on everything. When I hear Visual Studio I always get confused... Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual... what? I feel like there are 6 different programs and I don't know which one to grab. I would be more than grateful if I've received a direct link to the software.   Also, I am waiting for other replies aswell :)
  6. This is my first post and I would like to say hello forums.   I have plenty of questions releated to game development, industry and getting 'seriously' into it. I don't like writting essays and lenghty posts so I'll just put it into quick, easy to understand list..   First of all, I would like to mention these facts: - I have 6 years of experience with Lua, I can do basically anything in Lua and that's where most of my programming experience comes from, in addition that's where my pocket money comes from. - I have played with C++ at school and rarely at home, never got outside the black console box. - I know other languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP (basics), SQL - and even though most of these are minor languages, I think it's worth mentioning. - I own a very mobile laptop (an ultrabook) that I bought especially for programming/learning.   Okay, now that I've shared a little bit about myself, let's head on to the questions.   1) Knowing my past experience with C++, should I (and why/what engine): a) work on a game engine for 2D game like Towns or Gnomoria as a learning process b) use a premade, free for commercial use engine to create a 2D game (like the two mentioned above) 2) I am a pragmatic, I learn quickly by practicing but I suck at theory (which means I also suck at maths), will it be an issue for me? 3) I don't have modelling, graphical design and sound creation skills, are they required for succesful development? 4) I always feel an urge to plan everything (like planning my code) and if my code doesn't look perfect I just HAVE TO re-do it and that's why I can't focus on big projects, how can I stop that feeling or start planning my code effectively to prevent it? 5) What IDEs should I look into (please base the answer on your previous answer to question 1.)   Thanks in advance! I'll be glad to provide any more info or answer your questions if you need more details.
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