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    Dev Docs - Automated Game Design Documents on iOS!

    Dev Docs is available now!   Here are 3 codes for a FREE copy, just for you guys! Be the first one to redeem them on the iOS App Store:   Y4TJ6TM4H4WH 6K79TKNKW4LH JAAXHHTWEKJ6
  2. ModernToMe

    Dev Docs - Automated Game Design Documents on iOS!

    EDIT: In an effort to make sure Dev Docs provides a positive user experience, I have decided to delay its release. I apologize for the inconvenience. Look for it in the app store soon!
  3. ModernToMe

    Dev Docs - Automated Game Design Documents on iOS!

      Hahaha, hopefully it does well enough so I can make that happen :)
  4.   Download Dev Docs now!   Once upon a time, I was designing a mini dungeon crawler in Python, and I set out to make a design document for the game. Lo and behold, the mysterious document was more convoluted than I anticipated. In due time, Dev Docs was conceived.   [attachment=28119:DecDocsIcon512x512.png]   All mythical speech aside, I created Dev Docs to help developers like myself easily create GDDs. All you do is enter some information about your game, and you don't have to worry about missing possible fields or formatting it correctly, because the iOS app takes care of it for you.   [attachment=28120:DevDocs2.png][attachment=28121:DevDocs3.png][attachment=28122:DevDocs4.png]   Features:   •On-the-go game design Our best ideas come to us when we're not at home. No worries - with Dev Docs, you're provided with a powerful tool to outline all your ideas.   • An easy to use file system Don't worry about losing multiple games ideas and design document files. Once your file is created, it's there forever with easy access. You may also delete your files and change file names if you decide to change the path of your game.   • Automatic saving Dev Docs saves your game information for you, so you aren't at risk of losing any design document files.   • 24 different categories Game design documents are unnecessarily complex. There are way too many sections to keep track of them all. In Dev Docs, we put in the 24 most important fields of information, including game name, genre, and target platforms. Just pick and choose which ones you want to include in your game document, and we'll omit the rest for you.   • Flexibility When you try to create your own game document, it's easy to adhere to a specific, rigid structure. Dev Docs promotes flexibility in your game design process, because there is not one right way to tackle the design process.   • Quick export Once you've entered all of your information, Dev Docs automatically converts the data into a .rtf (Rich-Text Format) file with an organized structure. From here, you are able to export the file in virtually any way you want, including AirDrop, email, and other applications.     Thanks for reading through this! You can download Dev Docs here.   Have a nice day!
  5. ModernToMe

    C++ babysteps

    I personally learned C++ first, and I, like the others, would recommend choosing a different language first. If you already have a particular gaming platform in mind that uses C++, then go for it, but I think Java makes a bit more sense for beginners because it doesn't deal with as much low-level memory management. If you choose to develop in Java, you should first download the JDK which allows you to start coding in Java, and also Eclipse for an IDE. (You can also download Netbeans from the former link which includes the JDK, but I prefer Eclipse  )   Java is, though, only one of the many programming languages that are fit for beginners. C++ is fine, it just comes steeper learning curve that might cause more frustration than necessary.
  6. ModernToMe

    Game Models Store

    I really like the buildings. They're fantastically detailed!
  7. I like to use a written journal for idea generation and getting down game concepts, but it doesn't do much for me in terms of motivation. Instead of any sort of "journal," I like to prepare a semi-formal list of deadlines that I put in a very obvious location in my workspace, and I'm able to check things off as I go. Just my personal preference!    
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