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  1. Hi, hell no, I use mangastudio to draw the frames, what I meant by traditional is frame based animation with raster graphics rather than vector. Thanks for the suggestions, what are your personal workflows guys? Do you draw in photoshop and create GIFS there? The reason I don't use Photoshop is it causes jitters on my lines when I draw on my tablet. What software are you guys using? I am not using pixel art.
  2. Hello, I want to create traditional raster animation. I use Mangastudio (equivelant to Photoshop) to create frames.   I was thinking of testing the animation, how do I do that? I was thinking of using animestudio to create animation.   Any tips or help how to create traditional animation for games, please help.   Note: When I say traditional animation I mean painting frame by frame.      
  3.   Yeah well, I don't plan to enroll in a course, I have read that it is not a requirement. I do draw as a hobbyist, but never had formal education, I just love doodling.   Thanks a lot for links, I like these forums 
  4.   That's a very nice article! Are there other articles/tutorials regarding this subject or is this topic rarely discussed? I mean the mythodology of creating frames/animation.
  5. Thanks guys for the tips.   Looks like there's no magical software or set method for this kind of stuff.   This forum is better than others, I got replies and tips!
  6. Hi, I am a beginner, I have seen many tutorials about creating single frames but none that actually discuss coloring the frames and shading them.   How do you keep the frames consitently colored or shaded if you draw them one by one? Example: I am painting a moving object, in the first frame I got the lighting/shading as if my source of light is from above. Now in the next frame, how do i ensure that I paint consistently in a convincing way as if the light source hasn't changed , I mean variation in my shading/lighting will make my object flicker.   i hope I didn't confuse you with my question.   Also Important what is the best way to paint 2d animation and save time? What is your mythodology? Do you use raster programs? Vector programs? Or do you use a combination like sketch in vector and paint in raster or vise versa? Vectors are so tough but the best thing I think is you can move objects to create animation. However, for raster, it's easy to create a frame but then you have to paint all over again for each frame right?
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