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  1. Greetings all,   I've often wondered this very subject and thought I'd get some input, hopefully from someone familiar with game development and game publishing.   Lets take an ideal situation where I have absolutely no trouble in raising stable operations capital.   Just a little background. My strengths as it stands is not directly related to the low level coding and development side of the development process, but with coming up with high concept design documentations, assisting in technical documents, and aiding in sound development via both recording and directly mapping in engine using game sound tools, along with other business related necessities (company filing, head hunting, etc.)....in other words, the clean up work :/.    Weakest strength by far is "coding". I certainly lack the skills to develop a full game on my own and while this could be learned, time and money is better spent in finding additional help (or...paying to learning to code, model, animated, blah blah blah).   Now I have options: A) Find people interested in the work and create a small team B) Hire an existing team with a credible name C) Suffer hell and learn and do everything myself -_-   If I take A, I'd essentially be acting as Developer and Publisher (since we're considering an ideal money situation...but yes I realize that I could just be the developer and hunt for a publisher). We'd retain maximum earnings, however we might run into some trouble if we don't have a strong legal infrastructure to back us up. However if I'm considering B, I'd essentially be just the Publisher; we'd front money to teams and/or other projects of interest to put under us...similar to a music label and retain publishing rights to the work.   Thing is, with the move of more and more teams getting away from major publishers in favor of self publishing and smaller teams, is there a future in games as a new publisher who ONLY does publishing and not development? I much like the idea of hiring a team and working downward on a concept I, the publishing company have created, but what are the drawbacks? What are some of the difficulties facing a games publisher (besides money)? Recommended formal experience going in? What about sales earnings between both the dev team and the publisher?    Tried my best to write this. I hope it makes enough sense. Thanks all :)  
  2. XTREEMMAK3000

    Contracting Devs/Studio?

    Thanks guys! This was really helpful and direct :) Just what I was looking for.
  3. XTREEMMAK3000

    Contracting Devs/Studio?

    Greetings,   I should first mention that I'm not immediately looking to start/fund development yet, rather I'm looking for information and pulling resources together when that time comes.   What I'm creating is a new line of IPs based under original comics and productions and at a later point (should we pull a bigger budget), would like to publish a line of games rather than develop them inhouse. You can already see some of our existing comic work at kjccomix.com. As far as involvement, I have a lot of experience in audio and have a lot of the audio materials and resources necessary for music, voice work, their mixing, and some sound design, and more than likely would need a secondary engineer for additional sound design and sound/music mastering. I'm in the processes of formulating budgets and I'm getting (and have) a lot of creative people that I've personally worked with (and payed) in the past not just for comics, but possibly for in-game assets, interface design, concept art, etc. When we are able, what I would like to do is attack the mobile market and scale from there. However I have learned over the past that developing EVERYTHING yourself is not necessarily a good idea...matter of fact for us, it's not. So I'd like to source major development to a team of developers, but I know this comes with it's own problems and considerations.   I've vaguely contacted development houses in the past for a quote, but I'd like some more advice, hence my questions. What's the best way to contact a major team of developers for projects under contract, or at least at a point where you can determine what the budget should be for that particular game while using that specific development team? Should if be the team's project manager that I contact, a desk associate, or someone else? How should I contact them; by phone or email? What should I expect and look for in a team besides their work history and portfolio? I know contacting a large studio like Volition is highly unlikely, but what about a mid size one like Dark Side Games? What would they expect me to have upon my presentation beyond a product outlook, profit expectancy, market value analytics (if necessary), etc.? Finally, are there any best practices I should use to stay in good favor with my prospects should I not have everything I need upon my first pitch or presentation?   Sorry for the long first post .   Thanks all for the answers. If you'd like to check out some of my material, feel free to visit any of the links in my sig. I have my website, resume, portfolio of my sites, etc.  there.   Take care!  
  4. XTREEMMAK3000

    Not new, but reintroduction :)

    Greetings everyone,   Despite my post numbers, I'm not exactly new here. I've been to this board a couple of times and I had a membership years ago (2004) but I can no longer login, retrieve, or reset my password for that old account and so, I had to create a brand new account   As far as who I am, I do a lot of things non specific to game development. For starters, I do a lot of music and voice acting and have had my work on a few projects here and there. I also do web development and design, some video post production, and a lot of writing (blogs, stories, code, etc.). I've also had a little experience in game development, in which I was making a Fan Game of the popular Streets Of Rage game for Sega Genesis called Streets of Rage 4: UEI Edition where I was using Game Maker at the time....that was back in highschool lol.   While I'm not entirely interested in developing a game at the moment as a coder etc., I would however like to create some original games one day or at least be a part of an interesting and well planned project in some way (code, sound, or otherwise).   Anyway, glad to be here.  
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