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  1. I'm planning to create a game in Unity with a simplistic 3D world with resources. The resources placed in the world can be gathered and they will be removed from the terrain.   Now my question is what would be the best way to save this kind of data. There will be many different maps and some of them will be playable multiplayer. The world/terrain itself doesn't have to be saved this will be the same each time for levels. But the resources placed on top for example trees and ores need to be saved. So when you close the game and load it the resources already collected need to be gone.   I thought about giving each object a UUID and have a list of them in order and then just have 0-1 in a text file or something if it's collected or not. But I wanna be able to just create the world in unity and place all resources on the correct place etc in unity. I'm looking for the best way to save and load the resources and then load them in when the level is loaded on the proper place if they aren't collected.   For the terrain itself is it fine creating a big model for it or is it better using unity terrain? It doesn't need to be saved only the resources.  
  2. With support I mean running on it natively yes. So the option make an APK with it for example and publishing it on google play market. But I changed up my plans completely last days and switched to a 3D game and work together with a friend. So we will be making it in Unity for sure and most likely going to use proton for networking or I might create my own system if that doesn't work out I haven't tested it yet.  I'm also going for desktop only just to make things easier. Thanks for all useful comments guys
  3. Thanks for those 2 reactions. Even though they are kinda off topic it's a interesting read and will help towards deciding which platform.   I would rather create a game that can be played on desktop then phone but I don't think my game will fit on steam. It's more a game for kids and teenagers to play from time to time. You can compare it like transformice I suppose which is a flash browser game but it's also available for download. My game will be free as I don't really have to earn a lot money with it as that's not my goal for this game. I just want to make it, learn from it, and publish it. Both for my own experience and of course it will look good on my portfolio having a quite big game released on the market.   If it goes well though I might add in a store in game to purchase cosmetics and stuff skill boosters for example. But I don't expect it to happen as I have no experience with marketing and publishing games but we will see at the time of release which is gonna be a while from now on :p   I think I'm just going with Unity and focus on desktop and browser. I'm not sure if I should try get it on steam though as I want it to be easy to install and play even for young people. The benefit of using steam would be having a little bit marketing because if I just put it on a website I have no clue how to get people to download it and find it. I might at some point also try get it on mobile through unity but I think the game fits more for desktop platforms especially because there are a lot controls. I did plan out all controls for mobile devices and it should work fine but I think using mouse and keyboard would be preferred by almost all people. And I can always just add touch support anyway also for desktop pc's with touch screens and when the game is on browser people could still play it on mobile I suppose.
  4. Yeah I'm not planning to create a client and a server both separate.
  5. Thanks for the answer Gian! I'm going to take a look at devmaster for sure never seen that site before and it looks really useful.   I'm not really saying that Unity isn't a good fit. It is a great engine and made many things with it but I was just thinking that there might be other ways. The only downside is that things can get quite messy with big projects and with that I mean the way scripts work etc. I love OOP and I'm just missing that feeling in Unity but it's not a big issue.   I looked at the asset store before and proton seems to be a good solution any thoughts on that? And do you know the big difference between the framework from onedayitwillmake and most other regular  and networking solutions? I know there are many but the concept of all is pretty much the same and the concept of onedayitwillmake seems completely different. The big advantage I see with this is that the game can just fully run on servers and clients just get a snapshot of it pretty much. Only player input would have to be send from the client to the server but about the data send from server to client I don't really get it. Like is it sending all pixels to the client? I haven't dived very deep in to networking so I should probably first just continue learning more about networking and then I can probably figure it out. I have the time for this project and I do it to learn things and that's also the reason I want to add multiplayer as I don't know much about it yet.
  6. I know how much work it is to make a game but I also know how difficult it can be to think of unique gameplay nowadays. During my study I learned basically never to share your ideas in public, as ideas can't be copyrighted and products can. If I put up the entire game design/concept I'm sure nobody will make it like that but I just don't wanna risk it as I have spend quite a while coming to this final idea. But as I said for any specific questions towards the game I don't mind sharing I'm just not gonna put up the entire concept.   Secondly I don't have to earn any money from it at all. The only thing I mentioned was a kickstarter for Unity pro and other licenses. My main goal for this game is to learn how it works to make a big game from start to end by publishing it. And of course I love making games as it's my job and passion.
  7. Thanks for the answer Frob!   I know I didn't explain much about my game that's because I spend quite a long time on this idea and my game design doc has over 75 pages already with details about the game. So I don't just want someone else to take the idea and make it before I do and claim all rights. For any specific questions about the game I have in mind I can answer but I'm not going to share all details. :p   And yeah, I'm asking for a lot and I'm not even sure if it's needed. I'm new to publishing game and making games for the public I only made some games in unity etc for myself but now I want to to a step forward by making a big game. I don't even mind if it's never gonna be released or something I just wanna learn from it and have made something awesome and big instead of only small trial games and projects.   If I do release it though, I want users to be able to just play it anywhere they want with what they have. It's gonna be a big game but it's not 3D and it's not gonna need that much power to run it. So it would fit fine as a mobile game and as a web game so that's why I thought to make it on platforms. I'm going to be mostly doing this project alone though as a big side project over the next year(s) so I'm not sure if it's smart to go for all platforms. I seen a lot small indie games do it though so I thought there would be engines/tools that had full support for it. That's why I'm asking here for some advice on what engine would fit best and what will be the best approach to do it. Like maybe I should only focus on browser as that can also be played from mobile and desktop etc. But then again I would like some advice on this if that's a good approach and if it is why and why not etc.   Maybe I should just go for unity, as the development of this game is gonna take a long time (probably over a year). By then Unity most likely has browser support without plugin. I have the feeling though that Unity isn't very efficient especially on mobile. And  have the unity logo in the intro also looks kinda bad and I wont have the money to purchase Unity pro unless I do a kickstarter for the game. But that would put a lot more pressure on it and I just wanna do this game as a learning experience and to make something public as I never did it before. So I'm also not sure about that.     For the networking could you tell me what the big difference is between onedayitwillmake framework and like TCP/UDP socketing stuff? If I get it right the approach from onedayitwillmake just handles everything on the server and only gets the input from players through sockets and then sends back the scene with all physics and movement etc applied. This seems like a perfect approach and he has handled things like packet loss perfectly it seems but as I imagine it then it seems like huge packets are sent from the server to client to send the whole scene/window with all changes. I see it as just sending over a image to the client every update but I probably understand it completely wrong :p   I haven't planned out any network stuff like lobbies and rooms etc yet I planned to do that next but then I stumbled on to engine stuff and decided to ask for some advice on both topics here. I might be asking too much here and I can probably figure things out but people here have obviously a lot more experience with these kind of things and might have advice and opinions which I would never find otherwise.
  8. Thanks, but Phaser doesn't seem to support other platforms like android etc. I would like to make the game for (all) platforms.
  9. I'm planning to start on a game soon which I plan to release. So far I only made small games for college and for myself to test things out and to learn from. I want something bigger now and I want to release it on as many platforms as possible.   Engine I have quite a lot experience with Unity, Flash/AS3, Java and I have created many Minecraft plugins/mods. My question is though what would be the best option for a engine/sdk to work with? I would like my game to work in browser through html5 canvas or something else. Unity has of course a web player but I don't want it that users are required to install this. I know they are releasing html5 support soon but I don't know if Unity would be a good solution for this. I looked at several other options and since I have quite a lot experience with Java already I thoughtlibgdx might be a good solution. I have zero experience with this though and after reading a lot tutorials and documentation I'm not sure this what would be best for me. I also prefer working with something that is object orientated I tried looking into turbulenz but I don't think it would work well with a big project. So my question basically is what is the best engine to work with if I want to have it for multiple platforms.   Multiplayer My game will also have a multiplayer mode and I don't have a lot experience with this yet. I found this framework by onedayitwillmake. and it seems really good for what I need. Most engines have support for multiplayer through basic sockets but this seems a lot more efficient. I'm wondering though if this will harm the data usage of network on mobile devices though as it's sending more data (I think). I don't have a lot experience with this so I kinda need a direction to go in. Also if I do decide to use this framework would it be easy to use it in lets say Unity or libgxd? I might be asking a little bit too much here but there are just soo many possibilities with frameworks and engines etc that I kinda need a direction to go and something to start with. So basically I just need to know some tools I should use for my game and what the best workflow is.   Some information about the game/project: Multiplayer 2D game Platformer/Sandbox It's going to be a really big project with many game modes like: Adventure[sp],survival[sp],sandbox[sp],co-op[mp],competitive[mp],(pictionary guessing type)[mp]. Preferrable on both browser and desktop/phone. The idea is basically that you get a picture for example a house and you need to collect resources like wood and reed to build that house. And each gamemode has different types of gameplay of course. With this concept of collecting and building there are many other game mode posibilities. I obviously have many more questions but I first just need some opinions on which engine and which multiplayer option would fit best for my game idea.
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