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    Slick2D Camera movement

    I know it is for 3d rendering, but the main concept is the same: The Model View and Projection matrices In your game the only difference is that you use 2d vectors and orthographic projection. I recommend you to understand the basics before you start to make any game.
  2.   Some bugs have a mysterious way to sense release date and crash the software just before that.
  3. mandyedi

    better way of loading images? SDL2

      You can also track the dynamic memory allocation and release by overriding the new and delete operator but this is quite an advanced topic. First understand how pointers work, then learn smart pointers and after that look up for C++ memory leak detection. If I am right, Visual Studio also can detect memory leaks in c++ applications so it might be an unnecessary work, but for fun and self improvement it is perfect.
  4. mandyedi

    better way of loading images? SDL2

      Thing is, I havent learnt how to use pointers and I am use to sdl1 than sdl2 so I had to search up a tutorial in migrating over but the tutorial used pointers so I dont really understand it well so I am having problems doing simple things as I dont really understand it well enough.     I strongly recommend to learn pointers first. It is one of the basic thing about C/C++ programming you can't just bypass and start to learn SDL. Have a good basic knowledge of the programming language first, then start to learn libraries/frameworks.
  5. mandyedi

    better way of loading images? SDL2

    What is your problem wit pointers? I think there is some misunderstanding about pointers. When you load some data to memory, you store it on the heap. You can't avoid using pointers to get that data.
  6. I read something similar a few weeks ago: ,,Take a look, for example, at the work on OGRE version 2.0: Matias Goldberg, the mastermind behind that endeavor, chose to store data in big, homogenous arrays, and have functions that iterate over whole arrays as opposed to working on only one datum, in order to speed up Ogre." http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/articles/what-is-data-oriented-game-engine-design--cms-21052 I am totally agree with this concept. Though I am really newbie in game development, I can clearly see the benefits of a design like that.
  7. mandyedi

    first steps.

    There are lot of really good articles here for free: http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/   By the way the internet is full of free resources, you just have to search more. I learned a lot by myself without buying any book or online course. As regard the online course, check these sites: www.edx.org www.coursera.org They have pretty good courses held by famous universities and they are free.
  8. It is better practice to have an AABB which has the min and max values of objects. You need to update it whenever the object moves or changes its size.   [source] struct AABB {     int x_min;     int x_max;     int y_min;     int y_max; };   bool HasCollision( const AABB &a, const AABB &b ) {     // if there is no overlap on x axis we can return false right away     // so we don1t have to check y axis     if ( a.x_max < b.x_min || a.x_min > b.x_max )     {         return false;     }       if ( a.y_max < b.y_min || a.y_min > b.y_max )     {         return false;     }       return true; } [/source]
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