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    Python for 1st language?

    Hey I`m that guy who started learning python to make some games, ulimatly i made soe android games using a nice library called kivy.  BUT there was a lot missing  from my arsenal of knowledge so for about 2-3 months now i am learning c/c++ and also started a few days ago to read a nice tutorial from lazyfoo on SDL. So Yes python is easier but if you`re in it for the long haul I also recommend going for c first , then go for python or continue learning the "++" ;). Good luck dude!!!
  2. Lenny1986

    C++ console game

    Thanks a lot that did it. I`m not sure why cin.get() is there , tried lots of stuff and probably i forgot to delete that line. Thanks again.
  3. Hey guys i am learning c++ out of hobby. I`ve started making small console games to get to know the language better. I made this game where i get a starnge behaviuor that i can`t explain nor can i overcome. Seems that my variable 'amount' is geting overriden by the last object of the array 'slots' when i run the 'roll' function after getting the value for amount using cin. I also tried using getline and stringstream stoping getline on '\n' but still the same result :   #?include? <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime>   using namespace std;   void roll(int slots[], int size) {     srand(time(NULL));     for (int i=0;i<size;i++)     {         slots=rand()%9;     } } int main() {     int money=100;     int amount;     int slots[2];     char play='y';     cout<<"\t\t**** Welcome to Lenny Slots ****"<<endl<<endl;     cout<<endl;     cout<<"\t* * *"<<endl;     cout<<"\t\tDo you wanna play?";     cin>>play;     cin.get();       while(play=='y')     {         cout<<"\nYou have "<<money<<" dollars!"<<endl;         cout<<"How much do you wanna bet?"<<endl;         cin>>amount;         cout<<"Rolling..."<<endl;         roll(slots,3);         cout<<"\t"<<slots[0]<<" "<<slots[1]<<" "<<slots[2]<<endl;         if ((slots[0]==slots[1]) && (slots[1]==slots[2]))         {             money+=amount;             cout<<"Congrats!!! ***winner winner chicken dinner***"<<endl;         }         else         {             money-=amount;             cout<<"Sorry, better luck next time"<<endl;         }         cout<<"Your bank roll is "<<money<<endl;         cout<<endl;         cout<<"Play again?(y/n): ";         cin>>play;         cin.get();     } }
  4. Dude after years of coding this isn`t really what you`d normally expect (not to kill the flame in you though)! I started learning coding about 2 years ago (out of hobby) , or maybe less, after the learning time (about ~8 months) I`ve created some android games ( They are done using Python too but i`m using a library called Kivy) . Check them out, here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Green+Byte+Entertainment Try Retro Boxing it`s the most successfull one.
  5. Lenny1986

    graphics programming with C++

    I`m pretty new to programming aswell i mostly play with python but did read some c++, I recommend to you "C++ through game programming" the 3rd edition. The book only does text based examples , you won`t learn how to program a graphic game but it will surely ease you way. I will give you some insight on why vectors and other containers are cool and will teach you inheritance by doing a console black jack game.
  6. Hey dude , I was in the exact position you are not long ago, except i started with python. In about one year of learning python and kivy ( crossplatform framework ) I managed to make 2 games for android. Here is my latest: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.test.spaceravens Don`t try to swith too much , figure out what you want to do and learn the language which is best suited for your needs. Altough I started out with python ( not a native language for mobile platforms) the community was great and i learned a lot but I will be heading to Java wich is the official language of android. Think about what you want to do , think about the platform you want to target and i suggest using official tools and languages for the specific platform. Don`t go targeting all mobile platforms just pick one and stick with it until you get more experince.
  7. Lenny1986

    game lib for c++

    Don`t worry mate , no harm done thanks for all the responses, i also checked out cocos2d-x, actually i even got it set up quite quickly for development.I`ll have to digg deeper into more libs and engines i guess to really find the one that will suite me the best. Thanks all!
  8. Lenny1986

    game lib for c++

    well my friend, i trust in your experience so i think i will give godot a try:D
  9. Lenny1986

    game lib for c++

    Thanks a lot for the replies guys , got a closer look at godot. The engine is actually impressive, promises a lot more than i ask, but there is one thing that it`s bothering me to the bone, and that is the custom language. It`s advertised as close to python but i`m not sure about wanting to use something similar to itt for several reasons. 1 - There will still be a small added learning curve to the hole curve itself 2 - I`m sort of running away from python since i`ve messed arround with it using the kivy framework wich was great by the way ,but performance on android wasn`t what it should have been, and only did some trival 2d games, that`s why i`m learning c++ 3 - The guys from godot say this a lot "the engine can even be extended with c++" but i didn`t find any tutorial or videos actually showing how to do that.And whether you can even code the entire game in c++ without having to touch on gdscrip isn`t very clear to me.
  10. Lenny1986

    game lib for c++

    Thanks all for the great replies , godot looks great but seems pretty new...I ussualy hate new things since they tend to be buggy at first, not necesarly saying though that godot is. I did loom at cocos2d-x a bit but seems more of a solution for max users , seems more apple oriented, and all books and examples are made on macs, while i enjoy ubuntu as a dev enviroment. I was hoping for some tehnical comparison and some exp. sharing as well. Anyway thanks for the great responses.
  11. Hey guys ,   I`ve been learning c++ and it`s close to the time where i have to choose a game lib. I will most likely do 2d stuff , i`m a single man army and have only a little prior exp. to gaming. I used python with kivy a bit to make small 2d games. My platform target would be android i guess but i don`t rule out other platforms since new platforms or OSes can spring out or rise in popularity at any given moment. I know for a fact that both sdl and sfml(experimental) can be compilled for android, but wainting to hear from you guys on this experince as well. I want to know your opinions , thoughts or advices if you have any. Any info is welcome.
  12. Hey guys, i`ve recently started to learn a bit of c++ and i would like to get into some indie game dev( mainly small single man projects nothing too fancy). I have a very little experience on Python and a lib called Kivy, so i`m quite a newbie to game dev and programming as well. So after i finish reading my book on c++( C++ through game development 2014) I was thinking on getting into learning SDL. Do you think SDL is ok for game dev on mobiles or should i go with cocos2d-x or any other framework /lib for that matter?? Any suggestions or advice are welcome.
  13. I know it may be a bit late to answer , but if you know python and you are confortable with that, check out kivy. It`s a great library + for games you can also use Kivent wich complements kivy when it comes to advanced game features. I`ve made a game with kivy and release on google play :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.test.nemos_escape
  14. Lenny1986

    Marketing a game?!

    Hey guys thanks for the replies. @Unduli here is the link to the game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.test.nemos_escape&hl=en It really isn`t such a great game but still it`s a first step i guess. I`m not that sure that simple games like this deserve marketing with paid adverts, so i made a twitter account GreenBytes_ if anyone is interested to follow ;). I think coder_for_life23 is spot on with the free marketing advice. Thanks to all!
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