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  1. Thanks, I start working on the prototype soon. You can subscribe on www.dotillery.com for newsletter. I promise, I wont send anything if I do not have any news about the how Dotillery progresses :)
  2. Hello, I would like to pitch my game idea to you to get some feedback. Would you play a game that takes place in real life, allows firing at other players from all over the world, expanding the borders of your empire, having motivation go outside to breath some fresh air and move around.   Basic gameplay is that people are targeting each other on a world map where their real position is marked with GPS signal.   I would like to have your opinion about the game. Which direction should it be developed? What gameplay elements it should have?   Links [link deleted by mod] - For leaving questions, comments and other forms of  feedback. Youtube: - First visualization of gameplay Website: www.dotillery.com – Subscribe to hear about new developments
  3. Hey, thanks for your answer. It is not turn based or 3d. Game is mainly a map in the phone and you, outside, moving around in real world. .   I try to exmplain a little bit more. In the game interface you see a map and dots. Dots represent other players who are currently online and playing the game.  About knowing where you live. I started hinking about the game to make jogging, running, just going for a walk more fun and also keeps your mind sharp while running. There is no reason to log in in home, because you cannot run away from missilile, if you are not on a mobe, you are a very easy target. Best way to do it is to go away from home, find a nearest park to feel safe while you play and then log in.
  4. Unfortuanatelly no, I'm not really into these things. But I do hear about it a lot (in bars, from people who are not even players, etc; not to mention this forum, this idea seems to me to pop up with a boring regularity - maybe search the forum's older topics?), so I would be cautious here and research it first. I get an impression it's an oversaturated market dominated by a few big fish.   Thank you, I`ll try to look around little bit more.
  5. Hello, thank you for your response! I agree, it has to be watertight! 
  6. Hello, thank you for your response! I tried to find something similar from Internet to play myself - some mixture of rpg, strategy and in real environment where gameplay demans little running around also. I found inly Ingress, but it is not intense enough. This is the main reason I started designing the game.    Could you give me some examples of similar games? Thank you very much.
  7. Hello! Thank you for your response.   I agree that players have to be aware of the dangers while playing in the street.   By zoning rules you mean that the game can be played only in marked area? Like if I go to a park wich is marked as a game zone and people can play only there?   I imagine that the game has global community, character developments, technologies and is about expandin your empire, which means that, if we are online currently, you can shoot at me (I get a warning that I`m in danger area, if your shot is landing close to me), if you hit me, I become part of your empire/team and you grow stronger - you get one more life so if even you get hit later, you just lose your one life, but do not start fight for another empire. All players have chance to start their own empire wihc logo and name.   Thank you for your advice. We try to come up with prototype as soon as possible to start gathering feedback about the gameplay.
  8. By firing I mean that from your phone you choose the strenght that missile uses when it shoots out (more strenght, further it goes. By tilting and turning your phone, you choose the direction and angle where you shoot (you try to guess your oponents location by using these trhree things)   So, yes you point your phone at other player and no, carbage bin does not help you. You need to get out of the incoming missiles affect area.
  9. It might cause some issues for sure :), but here is also a option to log out. I would see this game as a fun way to spend time if you want some break from sitting in front of the screen whole day, some 10-30 minutes to take your mind off the work or if days seem to repeat themselves too much. Alway same road to home either in a bus or on walk (i would not recommend to play behind the wheel), then you can just log in, start shooting others and jumping/running from incoming missiles...who knows maybe you can even home faster and exercise is always good :)
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