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    Portfolio Website - Feedback Request

    Thanks! That is an excellent point and I would not have considered it. Your assumption is correct, I hope to someday obtain a design and eventually management position (in the distant future of course). I will follow your advise and focus on my programming abilities for now.   Also, I did not realize the depth of Tom Sloper's website. What a great resource, thank you for pointing me to it!
  2. ZachPetersen

    Portfolio Website - Feedback Request

    Thanks Jan2go, that is very helpful!
  3. ZachPetersen

    Portfolio Website - Feedback Request

      Thanks, that's great advise!   I will focus on code, upload examples, get some more projects up, and add a resume.   I am a bit confused by the web hosting prices that I see. Some say $1 per month, and others say closer to $10 per month. How much would it cost to get a domain name and a host for a simple website like this?
  4. ZachPetersen

    Portfolio Website - Feedback Request

      Thanks for the insight, I will post the source code. Is there a "standard" way to post code for a portfolio that is well organized and easy for you work with as an interviewer? Perhaps by using GitHub?
  5. Hi, I am a second year university student in California majoring in computer science with a focus on game design. My goal is to look for internships as a game programmer in the next couple of years. I am still new to the world of programming (I have just over one year of experience with programming) and I have not worked at any computer science related jobs or internships before. I have heard that creating a website to show of your work is a good way to help communicate your experience. All of my experience has just been with personal projects that I worked on by myself. I have put together a simple website to showcase a couple of these projects. Unfortunately, I have not shown any of my work to anyone before, so I have no idea if this website or the projects demonstrated on the website will be helpful in my search for an internship. I am hoping to get feedback on what is good and bad about my website, and what steps I could take to improve it. Here is the link: http://people.ucsc.edu/~zpeterse/ Thanks!
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