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    New One Game Beginner

    I suggest going with C#. It's easy to read (for me, compared to C/C++) and I think the Microsoft Visual Studio helps you spot simple errors in your code. I grew up programming C and C++ but because I'm a hobbyist, when I picked up programming again after a few years off, I chose C#. You'll hear people say it's slow and whatnot, but you probably won't notice that for years anyway.   The most important thing to learn while learning your first language is not language-specific syntax, but rather, the fundamentals of writing clean and purposeful (and generally faster) code. Once you've learned your first language, it's a lot easier to learn other, similar, languages.     You are right. I plan on using all languages and adapt accordingly. I will keep trying and see what I learn. Hopefully.       3D sounds like a cool idea. I'll keep it in mind in the future.   Right now I am learning what I can as soon as possible.   P.S. "Hello World" and different Data Types. It is kind of fun.       I would apreciate the help. Send me a message telling how to contact you.    Thanks for all the advice until now.
  2. Reksaida

    New One Game Beginner

    Sorry for the double post. I realized the last part would be difficult to understand.   I mean the one less probable to cause large errors. Since I assume such one would be difficult to fix by someone like me.
  3. Reksaida

    New One Game Beginner

      No, if you're going to learn to program you should start with something simple such as printing "Hello, world!" to a text console. And moving on in complexity, slowly, from there. The most basic game you can probably construct is a text-based guess-the-number game in your language of choice (as this is your first language, I'd recommend you take a look at Python or C#).   Got it. Thanks. Regarding languages. Which is the most balanced overall?
  4. Reksaida

    New One Game Beginner

    Learning programming WILL help, and is probably a must. Engines solve a lot of things, but you need at least some basic programming knowledge to do the not-so-generic parts of a game.   Since you're a begginer, read the FAQ for begginers. After doing what it says there return to your game idea, starting game development traying to make an RPG game is a bad idea. I was gonna say "a complex RPG", but even the simplest RPG will be a complex game.     The RPG should be the last step then. I have read the FAQ as well. Do you suggest starting with something simple such as walking? I am open to ideas.     I'll check it out. Thanks for the advice. I'll also take a look at your blog. I might learn something useful.
  5. Reksaida

    New One Game Beginner

    Starting next year. I wish to create a game and plan to work on it during my free time.   I am a blank state. I have no experiences of any kind in programming.   Despite this. I wish to learn the steps to become developer. Games are my passion.   I ask of this forum for its assistance.   I am looking for something specific. I want to make an RPG with multiple choices and different outcomes.   I have seen many game engines. Yet I am not sure which would be the best choice.   Learning programming might help. So I will get on that soon. Any recommendations would be appreciated.   Thanks for reading this post.
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