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  1. I want to get into basic DirectX programming using Visual Studio 2005 Express, I don't know how to get VC++05EE to recognize my direct x sdk?
  2. Ok Ok, I am sorry again. I figured it out after about 20 min of tinkering. The MIDP I was using was updated from the one in the book and for me -classpath is one command vs. -class -path as the book was telling me to write. I hope that I wont have to run into problems like that (version sync) all the time. Sorry to bother anyone or waste your time again.
  3. Ok cancel that last nevermind. I now face another problem. The book J2ME Game Programming tells me to issue a command but it is formated in the book in a way that it is hard to tell how I should enter it into the command window. (It is started towards the right of the page and the rest is finished on the next line, with a period at the end of it) So its hard to decipher. This is the command as seen in the book: midp -class- (and then on the next line) path .Hello. ================= I assume its something like this midp -class -path .Hello but that didnt, work. Anyone have a problem similar to this or know how I can get my Hello program to work on the phone emulator?
  4. Nevermind, I was always used to calling it a dos prompt, so i never found that, I did a search for command window and I found the shortcut. sorry to waste your time.
  5. I use Windows Xp home edition, and I can't find any way to open up Dos to use with my java programming. I have a book that I am trying to follow that just says open up a command window like its that simple. (Or maybe it is for others). how would I do that?
  6. My goal is to make some rinky dink java games for cellular phones. If I were to use java to make them, how do I go about putting them on a cell phone? Is there a program that I have to download that sends it to my cell phone through a call, do i have to host it as a download or what?
  7. flip5577


    Omega, you sounds like you and I are going to be rivals now. I was going to go to collins myself, but I opted for The Art Institute of Orange County CA instead. I also plan to be the best game designer ever. With that out of the way. I just want to say that I know how you feel, I want to know more about you and what you do though. I think if we became friends it would be beneficial. (Plus when we get in we can toss eachother bones). What kind of Game stuff can you do already? please email me or im me = email flip5577 = aim sn. I would love to make a few projects while we are doing stuff and learning how to make games better. Networking! anyway best of luck to you and i hope we both make it. Larry
  8. flip5577

    how do you like this concept?

    i dont know if that last one was a complement or not, because that is 2d its not a 3d model if thats what you meant, or did u mean to make the ref look more 3d? the reason i made this post is not to try to show off or anything, but i want to see if this is a good style to go with and i got some great feedbak from you guys, so i will go ahead and finish the other characters in this style.
  9. flip5577

    how do you like this concept?

    i went to the ragnarok site, the art there is sweet. better than mine. I wish i was that good. I was just hoping that the cartoonish feel would be more attractive.
  10. flip5577

    how do you like this concept?

    Im trying to get ideas together to make a 3d mini golf game, using cell shading. this is the concept for the model of myself. what u all think?
  11. flip5577

    Publishing my GBA Game

    wow thankyou for all the usefull information. I was just hoping to maybe get 50 blank carts for like 500 or something. I never thought about going mainstream with my project. I just wanted to include it in my portfolio to send out to companies.
  12. I have been working on a GBA game thats about ready to put on a flash card. I was wondering Is there anywhere I can get blank GBA flash cards (8mb not the 512 megs that most programmers use) Im trying to find a way to mass produce my game for the GBA. But the 512 or 256 cards alone are the cost more than a new gba game. Would i contact nintendo and buy them or what? can anyone help?
  13. flip5577

    3D Modeling practice

    when i said characters i meant like game characters. I was hoping i could find a place that had drawings of like mario or street fighter people and such and such. Something interesting for me to model
  14. flip5577

    3D Modeling practice

    I dont know what they are called maybe reference sheets, but I was wondering if there was a place I could find pictures of characters from front view and side view that I can model? I dont have my own scanner and I want to practice my 3d modeling.
  15. Well I want to get into making my own 3d games very soon, but i am having trouble finding a platform to work with. I did some research and came down to the two easiest programming platforms i could find. Dark Basic = $112.99 (700 page book and full version of DB) Blitz 3D = 99.99 (Just for the software) Has anyone tried both? Im not rich and I wanted to know which one would be better for me.
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