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  1. Hello ladies, I want to introduce my current project, it's called Bloodverge and is a super-challenging mix of Diablo and DarkSouls for Android, The whole game is self-made, including the game engine that uses Megatextures. The clue of the game: Every single hit of an enemy kills you instantly so you must restart the map. Therefore the maps are small, it keeps the game challenging. You can hit, kick or roll around your enemies Have a look on the gameplay video Test the Alpha and give feedback. Download the APK right HERE
  2. ida

    [Android][Free] Bloodsoul Quest

    Ladies.....BloodSoul Quest just hit the Google Play Store!!   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=austrofloat.bloodsouls  
  3. ida

    [Android][Free] Bloodsoul Quest

    Thank you. And the game goes on and on. I need some more Testplayers please.  
  4. ida

    [Android][Free] Bloodsoul Quest

    Yah I am not the pro 3D-designer and animator, but I tried my very best so far. I learned it all myself! And I have not played around with shaders as well.   The game is directly coded in Android Studio(java) using OpenGL. And of course I will keep you up to date.
  5. Hello   Let me introduce you my newest project called Bloodsoul Quest. To make it short and simple: An action-RPG mix of Diablo and DarkSouls! Diablo perspective and DarkSouls-Gameplay. I want to make it an alternative game to all those colorful comic-styl-RPGs for kids that fill the app-stores, so expect some violence and blood for adults   The game already includes different weapons, armor, attacks, curses, items, auto-refilling power-bar, enemies, dialogs with other characters, blood and gore, action-events and much more.   The game engine is homebrewed and optimized to give this game the highest framerate possible. The whole content was created with Blender and exported to the engine.   If you own an android-device with Android 4.0 or higher, feel free to test and give some feedback about FPS, graphics.   Download here   -just unzip and load the apk to your android-phone and install. About 18MB, not more.     Oh, and If you own a PS4-Controller feel free to connect it to your Smartphone (bluetooth or USB), the game supports it!!!     greetings, ida              
  6. Hey everyone,    my newest project: A small first person game based on RollerCoaster Tycoon 1. It includes simple landscape forming as in the original game, pixeled textures, tree sprites and of course later the attractions and coasters.   Actually you can walk around, change the textures of the floor tiles, deform them, and create some nice maps for later use when there is more possible.   That's how it looks like right now.     and to see how it looks here is a short video footage  
  7. ida

    Nameless Diablo3-Clone

    I have come very far the last days! -Megatexturing works superfine. -Inventory works. -Enemies drop items when getting killed. -You can change weapons and armor!   And the game finally has a name, Too easy    "HACKSLAY"   ============================= Check out the gameplay video!   Download of the actual game is HERE   For a bigger version of the screenshot click HERE  
  8. ida

    Nameless Diablo3-Clone

      You can rotate the camera by moving the mouse to the border of your screen...or by holding down the mouse wheel.   And the high framerate on older PCs was one of the key features I wanted to add. Seems to work good. YEAH!     Already finished the next weapon...a bow. And currently I am working on an inventory.  
  9. ida

    Nameless Diablo3-Clone

    The story so far: 2 guys travel with a boat to an old forgotten island to find an old treaure that should be hidden there. They find it in an old temple and trigger some kind of curse that awakes a monster. From this day on this monster makes chaos on the world outside One guy dies, the other falls asleep for 100 years and wakes up. When he wakes up the old forgotten island has turned into a part of an island-city with hundresds of people living there, the monster is forgotten and only part of an old story. Every night the monster appears in his dreams and tells him some kind of---your-is-near-shit. The guy goes on a mission to find the monster which is some kind of ancient divinity and kills it. sry for my bad english 
  10. ida

    Nameless Diablo3-Clone

    A new demo for testing is available.   Enemies now attack you and try to follow your character. You can attack and kill them and also be killed if you don't care enough. Framerate breaks while loading texture data is also history, thanks to the new multithreading support of the engine. Next steps are inventory, a navigation map and a better interface for health and mana.   Give it a try, it's free and only 13MB. Downloadlink is HERE   Freedback is always welcome   New screenshots:    
  11. ida

    Nameless Diablo3-Clone

    Good to hear that it even works. I sometimes have crashes when the game loads the files.   The development has gone a big step forward. I will soon release a new demo.
  12. Sometimes I secretly divide through zero
  13. Hi everybody.   I would like to have some feedback on my diablo3-like role-playing game I am actually developing. I have developed a complete new game engine for this game and all together it has taken about one month until now. What you can actually do: -Run around -mark enemies -Navigate the camera.   All models are completely animated and the game should work with more than 60FPS one every average PC.   Everybody who is interested to give it a try, downloadlink is in the last post.     An actual screenshot:   Oh and this game is actually nameless. If you have a good suggestion, let me hear.   -ida
  14. ida


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