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  1.   Thanks! =) I tried to make something futuristic and very colourful
  2. This channel made a gameplay video from the game. It shows the first 2 levels from the game. Sadly, the recorder created some visual anomalies.
  3. Sorry, those codes already expired. These should not be a problem =)   AAMN6PJ4E4Y9 KLTEL3Y3R3AX TA7YXAK3JKWY
  4. Game: RULE 16 (by Xyuan Xiao)       Store link: itunes.apple.com/app/rule-16/id922695442?mt=8   Promocodes: LMF64MWNMH4A 9YNPTKPEFYTX 6HJ7EW3HFMT9   Overview: End of the world, humanity endangered. You wake up with no memory, in a high mechanized futuristic city, where the last humans live. Soon you discover an unusual ability: separate your soul from your body, moving inside an electric body able to manipulate or destroy electronic objects. There is a war between humans and machines. Use different abilities from both bodies to solve puzzles, face enemies, overcome challenges and find answers to understand the story behind this post apocalyptic world. The game has 11 levels, each with different challenges and ways to overcome them. Gameplay Diversity and discovery are the base of this game that demands logic and skills.
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