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    Need Guidance and Advice

    Just an update , I started looking into getting a Bachelor degree. Good news for me is that because I already have one my course load is cut by 1/3 so instead of 90 credits ( 3 years) I can do 60 and be done in 2 years.  ( I am living in Quebec and lucky for us our tuition fees are super cheap ) So going back to school is an option.    My main question right now is I am not sure if i should be applying into Program Engineering or Computer Science , does anyone know the main difference between the two and given my goals of working as a game developer which one would be better suited for my needs. ?   ( I would also like to consider making APPS which I am told is similar to Game programming )    Thanks again for all the help, You guys have helped a tremendous amount!
  2. Cirillo23

    Need Guidance and Advice

      From what I have heard, QA is the safest bet (altough it seems this often gets outsourced which might prove a dead en if you end up in an outsourcing sweatshop), and level designer seems to be another route for no-programmers and non-artists to get in. Though again, with all the game design schools popping up all over the place, you might find that there are plenty wannabe game designers trying to enter the industry as level designers, which again might put you up against stiff competition with an advantage (most of these programs do not have a good name yet, that might change though as schools adapt to feedback from graduates and the industry)   So assuming I would go back to school ( Getting another bachelor ... SIGH) do you know any online schools that provide certification. Also on a complete sidenote, is C# a good place to start learning code?  As for a level designer what does that entail, I've always had a vision that I would love to work as a person who has the overall idea for a game, writes out the script and then works with the programmers to get it realized however I always assumed you needed to be adept in animation , is this true at all?
  3. Cirillo23

    Need Guidance and Advice

    Right now Im going to commit to learn c# on my own see how that goes and go from there. Do you know any good websites that can help a beginner learn c#? 
  4. Cirillo23

    Need Guidance and Advice

      Someone with no programming knowledge can certainly to program.   However, someone with no programming knowledge is totally unqualified for a position as a programmer in the industry. It will be a long time before you acquire the relevant knowledge and ability to be considered even minimally qualified for an entry-level programming position. Consider this: such positions are often filled by recent college graduates who by then have probably had at least four years of practice programming things.     You might be better served looking for a different path into the industry. For example, as a designer you won't necessarily be expected to have programming skills. You'll still be lacking in experience which will put you at a competitive disadvantage, but design positions are often filled with people from varying background (because they bring a useful variety of skills).    If you want to learn to program, pick a language like C# or Python and start learning it. There's a lot of good information and guides about both out there; C# may be the better choice (even though I typically recommend Python) as you could, once you get a basic handle on the language and the concepts of programming, start using Unity to build some games (Unity uses, among other options, C# to drive game-specific behavior).   Thanks for your reply, I understand fully that at the moment I an not qualified and I intend on working my way to eventually being able to work in the industry.  Is schooling a must or does teaching yourself and being able to exhibit skills enough ?
  5. Hello Everyone,    I have been browsing this forum all morning and am at a crossroads and hoping that someone can give me some advice/guidance. I am leaving the world of Financial Advising because I am fed up of not doing what I love.    I have always had a deep love for video games and always dreamed of being part of a team or creating one. I always believed it was not possible because my drawing skills are terrible. I am a VERY creative person when it comes to story boards , however could not draw for the life of me .    I am looking into a career as a video game programmer. From my understanding it is an important aspect of video game creation. My questions is where do I begin? to work for a video game company what certifications will I need? What are the most common languages that I should get familiarized with ? Can someone with no programming knowledge pick this up ? Please take time to help guide me , I am excited and anxious !     Thank you ,  Frankie 
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