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  1. Hi everyone, I recently finished my new game Sword Master where you have to battle against hoards of enemies by strategically assigning points to your character's different attributes. I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks! Download: Sword Master
  2. MerryDreamGames

    Ambush Platoon

    Hi Everyone, my new war game Ambush Platoon is soon to be released. It is a turn based strategy war game inspired by the board game Risk where the player must try to conquer Europe by managing his platoon. Please let me know what you think.   Video: Ambush Platoon Video Blog: MerryDreamGames KickStarter: Ambush Platoon        
  3. MerryDreamGames

    Greyhound Dog Race (Android)

    Hi everyone, I recently uploaded my Greyhound racing game to Google Play. I would be happy to get any feedback so I can improve it.   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.merrydreamgames.dograce   http://merrydreamgames.blogspot.com.es/2015/08/greyhound-dog-race.html  
  4. MerryDreamGames

    G Balls - Android Puzzle Game

    Hi everyone, I am glad to announce the release of my puzzle game G Balls. You must join two balls that move in opposite directions of each other in order to pass each level. I have created over 200 levels and will add more soon. Also, I have added a Level Editor for anyone who wants to create their own levels.   The game also contains many kinds of obstacles like boxes, doors, and even teleporting portals. Also, there are several different types of enemies that will make life difficult.     I would love to receive some feed back.     Google Play Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.merrydreamstudios.gballs   Developers Blog: http://merrydreamgames.blogspot.com.es/   Screen Shots  
  5. Merry Dream Games is pleased to announce the release of Bike Tapper for Android available for free at Google Play! Bike Tapper is a cycling race game where the objective is to tap the screen to go faster. Managing energy wisely is a must.   I would really appreciate any kind of feedback about the game play and especially if you find the game fun.     Google Play: Bike Tapper Developers Blog: Merry Dream Games   Screen Shots  
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