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  1. It's friday the 13th! For those of you that are not leaving the house today, you're in luck! I have a relatively safe thing for you to do today: Try the new beta demo for quadrant! I'm trying to find out what the human limitations for quadrant are, so I'm calling out to the fastest of you: How fast can you get you get a streak of 30 in speed training mode? Make sure not to break your fingers, this is a very dangerous day after all... undef
  2. Hi everyone! I've mainly been working on new content since the last update. There's been a lot of feedback about the game not being accessible enough, and the controls being weird, and I thought about how to fix these issues. That's why I've released a new demo with rebinable controls and a rhythm training. You can get the demo here! Let me know what you think of the changes! The main menu is still rather plain, because I plan to rework it entirely, so I didn't want to spend time improving something that I would later replace. Not all resolutions are supported yet, so if you don't have a widescreen display, things might look a little funky.
  3. There has been a nice article about the demo on Alpha Beta Gamer! Have a look!
  4. Thank you very much!   These are the things that are currently planned for the full version:   more animations reconfigurable controls at least 4 levels included (hopefully more, but I'm working on this alone so I don't know if I get more done before release) source code & api (so people can easily make their own levels, or fool around with the game) detailed stats achievements translations into a couple of languages Steam Workshop integration (when I make it on Steam)   And there are some other things I'd like to do as well, but I won't announce them yet, because they won't be done before I release the game. I'd like to provide content updates after release though.   I still need representative logs, so if you want to support my development I'd be really glad if you would share the statistics about how you and the game performed, so I can get detailed feedback about how my game is balanced. :) How to get these logs is explained in the main post.   Thanks again, and thanks for voting on Greenlight as well!
  5. Hi, I'm undef, a solo indie game developer and I'd like to introduce my rhythm game to you! It's called quadrant and I will hopefully release it in spring. [video=youtube;ofQsHqZ7xH0]http:[/video] There is a demo available on indieDB, check it out! This game is quite trippy and it get's harder the better you play, as the animations get more and more intense the higher you score. Every beat of the song, you have to state the position of the middle sized square - the faster the song is, the faster you have to play. (The stage in the trailer is quite hard, but not the most difficult one.) As you probably gathered from the thread title, this is a rhythm game. I strongly recommend you visit the training section before diving into the game, because that's the best way to learn the controls and you're still not tied down to a never ending tutorial. Doing that, and by playing the first stage for a bit you will probably figure out how this game works. If not, or if you prefer to read a rather dry description of the game mechanics, read the small text below. I'm not stopping you. Gamepad controls are supported, and there are several control schemes which are not yet reconfigurable. You can even play one handedly if you fancy eating christmas sweets while playing, but I recommend a gamepad or W, O, D, K. Every beat of the song, you have to state the position of the middle sized square - the faster the song is, the faster you have to play. (The stage in the trailer is quite hard, but not the most difficult one.) There are four possible positions of the middle sized square: Upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right. According to the position, you will have to press one of four buttons. If you press a correct button, the score increases by one. If the button is wrong your score will be set back to zero! The game will start "relatively easy" in the first few stages and then get punishingly difficult later in the game. If you don't push a button at all, your score will stay the same, but the squares will slowly turn invisible, and cause a "game over" when they have entirely disappeared. What about the small square then? The small square indicates the next position of the middle sized one, and is a huge help. The next position of the middle sized square is the relative position of the small square in it. So if the small square is in the upper left corner of the middle sized square, the next position of the middle sized square will be in the upper left of the big square. I think at certain stages it will be close to impossible to beat the game without paying attention to the small square. Self adjusting difficulty? quadrant get's harder the better you play, as the animations get more and more intense the higher you score. You also get a precision rating, based on how well you hit the beat. Your precision is being indicated over the score. Bullet point time:       Challenging gameplay     Reconfigurable control schemes on Keyboard and Gamepad     Very steep learning curve     Low system requirements     Fully moddable - source code will be available!     NO digital restrictions management (DRM) Some inspirations:     Super Hexagon     Bit.Trip Runner     Simian Interface (Link because you might not know this one, and it's great!)   This demo logs a lot of things. After having played at least once, the "EXPORT STATS" selction becomes available in the main menu, which exports a summary of how you and the game performed to your save directory. On Windows it even opens the folder in your file explorer. Of course these statistics and graphs only become interesting once you've played for a sufficient amount of time. If you like, you can share this summary with me (or even everyone else in this forum), to help me improve the game using this data. That being said, I'm also keen to hear any other feedback on the game and I take criticism well so just go for it! This game is very important to me and I want to make it the best possible experience. This is where you can find the stat summary: Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\LOVE\quadrant\export or %appdata%\LOVE\quadrant\export Windows Vista and 7: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\LOVE\quadrant\export or %appdata%\LOVE\quadrant\export Linux: $XDG_DATA_HOME/love/quadrant/export or ~/.local/share/love/quadrant/export Mac: /Users/user/Library/Application Support/LOVE/ quadrant/export I'd like to thank the LÖVE community for their support, especially Xelu for those nice button propts, and of course the LÖVE development team... I'm really glad I can use Lua to make this game I'm currently looking for votes on Greenlight - if you like what you see please vote! For news and updates check out my website, twitter and indieDB. Thanks for your time, and let me know what you think! undef  
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