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  1. cricon

    Free Android Game - Inside The Maze

    It looks like my developer name was very similar to another software company, so I had to relaunch the game and change my developer name. Anyway, I changed the menu graphics, increased the gravity and increased the labyrinth rotation speed. Now the game can be downloaded here. I expect opinions, whether good or bad. Thank you!
  2. Hello. I continue the tradition of asking for your opinion on this forum when I launched my third game. My second game, which I first launched on this forum, Red Ball Evolved, has been greatly modified as a result of your advice and now has almost 300,000 downloads. The game loaded on Google Play is called "Inside The Maze" and is a puzzle game. To reach the end of each level, you must use the objects around you and avoid the dangers that appear in your path. As before, accept your advice and opinions, both positive and negative, on the principle that praise encourages and criticism is constructive I'm sure there are mistakes that have escaped me. The game can be downloaded here. You can support me with a short review or stars on the game page. Thank you!
  3. cricon

    Happy End - game 100% home made

    Thanks Mussi. I tried to look good.     I am completely stumped why you would do a thing like that.   Because some people associate the old name with the massage parlors :)   Thanks Paul. Indeed, it`s finished.
  4. cricon

    Happy End - game 100% home made

    New update. I've solved the problem with controls. I've changed much of the graphics. And I think i've solved the crash problem. The name of the game is now Red Ball Evolved. It fits perfectly with the new main character. Download from here  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dobrocry.happyend  I also made a video 
  5. cricon

    Happy End - game 100% home made

    I made improvements and I posted an update. Wait to try it.
  6. cricon

    Happy End - game 100% home made

    Hy. Indeed I used GameMaker. But I'm still a beginner. I still have much to learn. The game is made only by me in my spare time at home. It took me more than one year. I really wanted to make it look decent.
  7. Hello. This is my second game, made home. It is a simple game for android, unfortunately only with 15 levels. Compared to the first game, I decided to make fewer levels and diversified, than many repetitive. I worked hard at it. So I appreciate any advice. I'm still a beginner, so be merciful. The game can be downloaded here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dobrocry.happyend. Thanks.
  8. Hello. My first game - Epic Fly is a game for Android, which i worked about 1 year, in the nights spent at home. Ok, in this time i actually learned how to make games .... and still learning. And best learn, putting into practice the lessons. Lessons on various free tutorials and forums, in the little time left between work, home and my son's homework. Finally, i took courage, and published the game on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dobro.EpicFly . The game is free. Waiting for your positive or negative opinions. All the best.                                
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