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  1. marcelofg55

    Open Adaptive Music Library

    Thanks for the star! I can add support for a streamer, what format do you want to use?
  2. Hi all, I want to share with you this library I have been working on, it's called Open Adaptive Music Library, and it's aimed to help game developers to implement adaptive music in games. It's free and open source.   OAML on github: https://github.com/marcelofg55/oaml OAML on itch.io: https://marcelofernandezmusic.itch.io/oaml
  3. marcelofg55

    "16 bit" RPG Adventure Style Music

    This sounds good, nice job!   As a suggestion (if you don't mind me saying), I would have done a variation on the rhythm on the repetition at around 1:20 so it doesn't get too repetitive, but that's only my opinion :)   Regards, Marcelo
  4. marcelofg55

    "Flaming Soul" track

    Hi all,   I've released this track two days ago and wanted to share it with you, if I could get some feedback on it I would be thankful :)   https://soundcloud.com/marcelofernandezmusic/flaming-soul     Regards, Marcelo
  5. marcelofg55

    Music feedback

    Thanks for the detailed comments Elahrairah, I appreciate you took the time to write your opinion on my tracks, I'll check those drums and flute reverb. The triad in the Intro of Dragons is on the mid section of the strings, I used only the tonic on the lower strings.   It sure helped your opinion, thanks again!   Regards, Marcelo
  6. marcelofg55

    Music feedback

    Thanks for the comment LanderGames, I'm glad you enjoyed my music, I hear what you say about "intro of dragons", I didn't noticed that when I composed it, thanks for the opinion :)
  7. marcelofg55

    Music feedback

    Hi, I'm a music composer and I'm currently writing music for some indie RPG Games, I've written intro music, town music, etc, and I'm looking for some feedback on the music, the album is here: https://marcelofernandez.bandcamp.com/album/rpg-game-music Thanks for your time listening, I appreciate it.   Regards, Marcelo
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