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  1. Im from the uk and graduate a game programming course from bolton uni a couple of years ago. Personally I managed to line up a games job for when I finished, but alot of people ended up going into gambling software to help improve their portfolios. I would say there doesnt seem to be much if any uni bias when applying they just look for firsts and seconds. In terms of cost of living the south is generally expensive and the north is abot cheaper, but wages do reflect this (20k position in the north was equivalent to a 26k position in the south)
  2. After reading through all this, I tought id throw in my two cents. Find a 'rival'. It may seem weird but someone of a similar age who is on a similar level is an easy way to spur yourself on. I had a friend from college who was better than me, so everything I did was to pull ahead & I let him know. That way he did the same, we both challenged each other to become better. In terms of your degree make it harder. Personally my coursework was open ended, e.g. "create a game with quadrants and enemies activated within." we got given an example that most people followed, but by going for something I'd never tried it brought about new problems, new questions and new challenges. Contact the tutors out of hours by email. In lessons ofc they're busy, an email allows continuous discussion and time to formulate a reasonable response. If they dont give you the answers you need go online like you have, generally tutors are a better port of call since you can also have direct conversations. In terms of the cost of the dregree dont worry about it. Over 21k you have to pay, its a minute amount. Ive been in the industry for two years and never noticed it, it eventually gets wiped so ignore the neverending interest. Sorry if this seems very idealistic, but you seem to be overly worried. The loan isnt as aggresive as it seems it just exists. You need to make your time at uni count by making it difficult for you. Also remember uni's your last chance to be surrounded by people of the same level, so have a drink with some friends and argue over syntax for the hell of it :).
  3. Best way to showcase C++ programming experience

    Instead of going for a full game just develop a system that exists within games. You can create an inventory and show its working through the console window. You just need to show you can work with the language no ones expecting anything amazing, they just need to know you can handle doing something they ask.
  4. Looking for a free 2D engine

    Unreal Engine is c++ and can be used to make 2d games using the paper2d plugin.
  5. Portfolio question. Two games enough?

    You need to add more details about what you did on the projects. You say a custom engine was made, what did you do on it? Can you add any source code to show off your work? Personally I try to keep 3 - 4 projects on my portfolio, but I think the amount of work you contributed matters more than anything.
  6. How should I prepare for a 3-days C++ test ?

    That was the first part the next part was an interview but all they did was show me around and asked a couple of questions. I had to fix a few issues and add several things (nothing really complex). i had plenty of time so i also added a simple ai. It only took about 4 hours to do what they asked but it was written in c not c++ which threw me off
  7. How should I prepare for a 3-days C++ test ?

    I had a 3 day test recently for a AAA studio and i got the job due to adding extra features that they didnt ask for over sending it back early. Hope that helps.
  8. Portfolio feedback request

    I sorted out the grammar mistake and pointed out what I worked on in the team projects.   Thanks for the feedback. 
  9. Hi i am a graduate games programmer looking for a mechanics jobs.   I am about to start applying for jobs and wanted to get some feedback on my portfolio before hand.   http://cgp93.weebly.com/   Thanks in advance.
  10. SDL2.0 Character Jumping & Gravity

    If you are learning SDL i would recommend looking at lazy foo for reference for helping with some of the fundamentals. http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/   Assuming you are just trying to do simple jumping something like this would work: float myGravity = 0.2f; float maxFallSpeed = -5.0f; float myJumpForce = 5.0f; float curJumpForce = 0.0f; float deltaTime; (Time Between frames) bool m_jumping = false; if(press key){ m_jumping = true; curJumpForce = myJumpForce; } if(m_jumping){ player.y += curJumpForce * deltaTime; if(curJumpForce > maxFallSpeed){ myJumpForce -= myGravity * deltaTime; }else{ curJumpForce = maxFallSpeed; } if(Hit Ground){ m_jumping = false; } } This is a quick mock up and will need to be properly implemented and numbers changed but it should work for a simple jump. If you want a more technically accurate jump then you will need to look into acceleration and velocities.