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    Computer science degree

    I currently have a computer science degree.   The jobs you can work are endless when it comes to the IT world. You can work as a sys. admin, cybersecurity, tier 1-3 help desk. Management. The possibilities are endless.   The interesting thing and the reason most comp. sci majors are paid highly is because their ability to program.   Technically, you could land a comp sci type job if you know a good amount of languages, have a nice portfolio built up of things you've worked on etc.   The degree will open more doors and it "typically" introduces you to a higher pay scale faster than someone without the degree.   The best thing for people with comp. sci to do is to start their own side hustle. Building games, doing freelance work, teaming up with someone to build some new software. Anything.   This is the best way to get the business experience imo. Start your own. Doesn't have to be anything grand.
  2. Great write up! And thanks for sharing.   I recently ran into this issue as well with my newest game development. But ObjectPooling did wonders for me.   Unity also has some very good plug-ins to make object pooling easy.
  3. Interesting. I've been in the market for about 7 years now and i've never experienced something like this.   Did you contact support? I am interested to know what could have caused this.   My guess is, this is probably a bug or system glitch
  4. I totally agree with Argurth.   I always preach that before jumping into using "Game Editors"(Unity, GameSalsad, Construct etc). You should build one game from scratch. It does not have to a be a very complicated game, but something simple enough to get your hands dirty.    As you are doing. Start with learning java. Then use a engine(AndEngine, LibGDX(What I recommend. I've built several games with it)) and start coding your first game.    Once you do this. Moving on to an editor will save you hours of frustration from miscomprehension of basic concepts. Trust me, it is very important to understand logarithm, design, and framework behind building games. It will help you produce very high quality and awesome games in the future.    I first started with learning java(In college) and then moved on to using AndEngine(About 5 or 6 years ago when it was popular.). And then LibGDX. These days I now use unity.   Get what I am saying? Of course you can be successful without following this and some people have. But the people who are successful without any prior experience are only a select few who get "lucky breaks" etc. Don't rely on luck. :-)   You'll do well though. Keep learning java and then step it up. 
  5. coder_for_life23

    First 3D game for Android - how to do that?

    All great answers above.    As @frob mentioned. In theory it is free to develop a 3D mobile game.    You can use Unity for free(Unless you need a lot of advanced features(Which you shouldnt)). You can then use blender, and other resources to create graphics.    The next thing is, if you want your game to really be polished, I would invest in hiring a pro 3D artist to design the graphics for you. This way you can simple focus on building the game and you can get it done a lot quicker by just outsourcing that part of it. If you are game is not that big, you may be able to get it done for under $200.    This will save you SO much time from trying to learn how to create 3D graphics. Unless you just want to learn the skill in general.    I've been developing games for a while now, and I know the most important thing you want to outsource i.e pay for. Is getting your graphics done. If you do the coding/development yourself this saves you A LOT of potential money spent and headaches of working with developers.    So bottom line is, Learn how to use unity. Hire a 3D artist to create your graphics. And keep at it. :)   Good luck bro.   Troy
  6. I've answered this question in one of my recent youtube videos. Check out my channel in my description and you should find the video on my channel.    I referred you there because i don't want to retype my answer over and over. Its more efficient if you just watch the video. :-)
  7. coder_for_life23

    Starting Slow

    I would agree with some of the others above.    I would say start off with something simple. Such as a simply 2d shooter game. Where the enemies are coming towards the shooter and the shooter just has to tap the screen to shoot.    Or a simple arcade game where the player drags the player on the screen and has to catch falling objects.    My very first game was the drag player style.   But its good you have the right mindset of starting slow.
  8. coder_for_life23

    Android Game development

    I would say go with Java to learn first. It is a very easy language to learn and TONS of resources on the internet for doing so.    However, You can use "game builders" to build games as well such as Unity or any others. But i would recommend atleast learning the basics of programming in general(such as learning java) before jumping in. Because even though Unity is a GUI interface for the most part, you will still need to write some code for certain tasks.   Hope this helps. :-)
  9. coder_for_life23

    iOS Submisssion: URL/Website required

    Yes. I would go ahead and throw up a simple website. Just purchase a domain on Godaddy(or any other) and get some hosting from the same provider. Then install wordpress and wala. Website done. 
  10. coder_for_life23

    Marketing a game?!

    Hey man,   So first off this is a common question amongst many "new" developers.    How to get noticed in such a crowded market?   Well, there are a number of ways to get noticed and get your game out there.    The first is paid advertisement   If you have a $ to throw into a marketing campaign it could be beneficial( get you downloads and help you rank higher in the charts).    However, you must make sure you spend your money strategically. Invest in banners on popular mobile websites. I believe on a lot of popular websites you can get a banner ad up for a week for a few hundred dollars. I have known this to work for many friend developers and for myself in the past. But of course, you have to be willing to spend the money.   You can also invest in banner ads such as admob, chartboost etc. Note, that there is not a 100% chance that these will work in your favor and your money will be well invested.   This is the gamble with paid marketing.    The next is    FREE MARKETING   This is the more difficult marketing option between the two.(For obvious reasons).    Free marketing consists of posting on forums(Remember: You should be an active member of these forums, or else you'll just appear as a spammer and be ignored). Posting in facebook groups. Sharing with friends and family. Using social media. Contacting the press. Contacting bloggers who blog about games.   While all of these are effective, you need to begin building a community or fan base from DAY ONE. You need to be able to contact the people who download your game by having them opt in to a online forum community, or have them opt in to a facebook group community.    This is important to do and important to incentivize it such as unlocking a bonus level by liking a facebook page or group.    I did a video about this on my youtube channel a few days ago actually.(Link in signature)   Hope this helps. 
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