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  1. ThomasG_art

    Alien PBR pack

    Alien environment pack for unity, It feature a fully rigged character and an animated creature. Modular base parts and alien environment, props and plants There several custom shaders for water, cliffs and effects: http://u3d.as/1ehG https://youtu.be/015BJTAm8Wg
  2. ThomasG_art

    Thomas Guillon

    I'm available for contract work!I do environments, level design, props and characters. High poly or low-poly:https://www.behance.net/thomasguillonYou can contact me through my website or send me an email at: thomasguillon@yahoo.com
  3. ThomasG_art

    Hand painted castle pack

    Hi, Here is a modular asset pack to create castle and small towns, more info and images here: http://u3d.as/JWP   [attachment=35085:Castle_B.jpg] [attachment=35087:Castle_D.jpg] [attachment=35088:Castle_E.jpg] [attachment=35086:Castle_C.jpg]
  4. ThomasG_art

    PBR Temple Pack

    PBR assets to create your own temple or ruins environment!  Features:  Includes an example scene and prefabs to get you started:  Trees compatible with terrain tools (including lods and colliders)  _2k to 4k textures including albedo, roughness, mettalic and normal maps.  Lod's for complex models  _Trees, plants, grass, roots and flowers models.  _Ruins, temple, tiles, statues, columns, vases, models.  _Rocks, cliffs, mountains models  _Particle effects, leave fall, clouds, mist and braziers.   https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/78918          
  5. ThomasG_art

    Alien Planet Pack

    Alien Planet environments assets optimized for mobile and VR. You can try the assets and web-demos here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/74011?aid=1100lGdb              
  6. ThomasG_art

    Countryside environment pack

    Hi, I have a new environment pack available! You can check it out here: http://u3d.as/AzM    
  7. ThomasG_art

    Winter environment

    Winter environment created for unity5, using 3dsmax and 3d-coat. Assets and web demo are available here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/66407        
  8. ThomasG_art

    Sky city PBR

    Hello,   Here is a unity 5 pack that let's you create a sci-fi city environment.   http://u3d.as/t2d   Features include:   2 example scenes (one sunny, one at night)  Complex models have lods.  PBR materials (albedo/roughness/normals).  Modular buildings, floors and vehicles  Particle effects (Flares, clouds, smoke)  Props, billboards, Foliage models.
  9. ThomasG_art

    Hand painted jungle pack

    Hello,   I have a new environment available, it's a jungle pack, you can try it here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/53817        
  10. ThomasG_art

    Hand painted cave pack

    Hello, I have a new environment available, it's a modular cave pack, you can try it here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/44833      
  11. ThomasG_art

    Hand-painted island pack

    Hello,   I have a new environment available: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/36959      
  12. ThomasG_art

    Desert environment

    Hello,   My new environment pack has been accepted and is now available. It contains cliff models, ground textures, plants, rocks, bones, tents, etc... A demo scene is included.   If you have requests for additional content, let me know! You can check it out here: http://u3d.as/cCR          
  13. ThomasG_art

    Fantasy forest assets

    Free content update now availble, old temple area! http://vimeo.com/115569674
  14. ThomasG_art

    Fantasy forest assets

    Hello,   I have released a forest environment pack on the unity asset store. There is a free update coming soon with extra content.    Link to the asset with videos and interactive web-demo:   http://u3d.as/a3J             
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