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    Ignored by press?

    @braindigitalis Thanks, I know they wrote about us in the past, but I am not sure if we contacted them with this press release, but if we didn't it is a good idea to do that :)
  2. alexander1989

    Ignored by press?

    @jbadams Thanks for the suggestion! We also did that,but I do not know exactly how well that was going and how many press was contacted in that way though.
  3. alexander1989

    Ignored by press?

    also thanks for your information Promit! And also for the video! I will check it out asap and will also show it to the team :)
  4. alexander1989

    Ignored by press?

    Hi Orymus3 Thanks for your reply! I will pass this information on to the people from our team that made the press release and I think it will give them some good ideas about another way to approach this! :)
  5. alexander1989

    Ignored by press?

    Hi Axefrog, Thanks for your response, here is a link to the press release in pdf that has been send. http://karmaflowgame.com/presskit/150202 Karmaflow press release.pdf As I said, I'm not the person who send out the press release so I do not know exactly what has been send apart from this press release, but at least a couple of unique steam keys and maybe some more info. You can find more about the game at www.karmaflowgame.com
  6. alexander1989

    Ignored by press?

    Hello, We have been working on a 3D platform/puzzel game in Unreal Engine 3 for 2 years now with 15 people who graduated from a game development college last year, and finally we released the first part for $20,-, with the second part coming up in April for free. (Around 6 hours singleplayer gameplay) Now we have been doing a lot of press releases before where some of them where picked up by press reasonably ok. Not much but at least a couple of big game news websites and lots of smaller. Also we have a facebook page with almost 7000 likes. But we just released our game on steam and send a press release last monday to 300 websites all over the world, but apart from a couple of polish and russian websites with almost no views, I think it looks like we are being ignored. Offcourse this is not good for the sales. And I am wondering what went wrong or how we can do this more effectively. I understand its hard to help if I do not mention which game it is and what our press release looks like, so if you need please send a private message. Most forums see posting a name of a game as advertising, i want to avoid that here just to be sure :) Edit: I am not part of the marketing team so I also dont know exactly how the press releases are send, I think they used mail chimp. But i am just a concerned programmer who doesnt see any websites talking about our game. Thanks in advance Alexander
  7. alexander1989


    Karmaflow is a unique spin on the traditional gaming experience. In Karmaflow, the game’s story is presented entirely in the form of a rock opera, sung by some of the world’s most talented rock voices. Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame is a puzzle platformer featuring music performed by various musicians. Simone Simons (Epica), Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth), Marc Hudson (Dragonforce), Tony Kakko (Sonata Artica) and Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) all have lent their vocal talents to Karmaflow, along with the Metropole Orkest (the world’s biggest – Grammy-award winning – professional pop and jazz orchestra) working on the game’s score. The aesthetic of Karmaflow is inspired by games such as the Zelda-series, Journey and the darker tone of Darksiders. The first world starts out rather dark and mysterious, while the third world has got plenty of crimson and its character design is directly influenced by the culture and legends of the Tibetan people. The sung narrative itself will have real depth and cover fascinating themes such as balance and contradictions.
  8. alexander1989

    Job titles

    Thanks for all the replies, at least we have some valueble ideas how to approach this :)
  9. alexander1989

    Job titles

    Ah thanks for the replies! Both good ideas how to approach this, I will discuss with the other programmer what we will do with it! :)
  10. alexander1989

    Job titles

    Hello, I am a programmer from an indie game created in the Unreal Engine 3, the full engine, not just UDK. And we are releasing our game very soon, and it is as good as done. Now my question is about job titles, I am not native English. So already because of that, I do not know the exact rules of job titles in English. And I tried to find out which job title fits me most (For the credits in the game) But I don't really know what fits me and my colleagues best. Basically we are 2 programmers who did all the work for 2 years almost 24/7, and some programmers who helped us out (or tried to help) in their spare time a couple hours in the week for a couple of weeks.  Now as you probably understand, calling us all equal programmers in the credits, doesn't seem fair to me and the other programmer that put this much work in. But I don't know what would be the right way of doing this. Example: We could call ourselves Senior programmer, and the others programmers But I read somewhere, a senior programmer would at least have 10 years of experience in programming. Now I have more then 10 years of experience in all sorts off game development practices, and so does my colleague, including 3D moddeling, level, game design and all sorts of different game engines. But for this project we are mainly the programmers, and we both have just 5-6 years of experience in this. Is there something between senior programmer and programmer? Or would you suggest another way of approaching this matter? Thanks for any advice in advance!    
  11. alexander1989

    Certificate needed on Steam?

    Thanks for the comments, I will ask valve :)
  12. Hello, We are releasing a game on steam, and I am trying to find out wether or not we need to have a certificate for our .exe and .dll files. Normally the user will see a message from unknown publisher when they open an .exe file which is not signed by a trusted certificate. But we are launching our game through steam, and I found you can sign your files with vsign.exe from steam, but this works differently then signing an exe with a certificate. When you look at the properties of a signed .exe file it wil show a digital signatures tab, but not when it is signed by vsign. Is vsign enough so the user will not encounter a untrusted source message? We are a small indie studio and buying a certificate for our .exe for 200 dollars, when maybe the vsign from steam is enough (we are only launching on steam anyway) is money we can spend somewhere else. Thanks in advance  Alexander
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