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  1. Fancy Ball

    Fancy Ball! I think the name says everything so this post is pretty much useless, but if you are still reading this, please check out the official trailer of the game: It's a game we made in a few months but recently we decided to release the official trailer. We're goanna release it soon, so stay tuned. If you have any critics and suggestions for the game, please leave them here. Another announcement we wanna make is that we're workin' on our website so make sure to check that out as well: http://wemakepizzagames.tk/ One more thing: I added this screenshot of the game just so this post has a thumbnail. As always, thanks for reading and following the development of the games we make at Pizza Games!
  2. Trial Of Courage

    Good luck in your journey!
  3. Hop N Ween

    After our WoA V entry, Castle Spaceships we wanted to simulate the competition again, so we made another game, available on the Windows Store called Hop N Ween. It's a Halloween themed Hop game, as the name is supposed to suggest. Our goal with this game wasn't necessary an addictive gameplay, it was to make the game scream "HALLOWEEN", and I think we achieved this. For the sound part, we used the same ambient sounds we used in Castle Spaceships. It really fit the theme. These being said, this is the game: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9P3SPJG1F2DH Hop you enjoy it!
  4. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

  5. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Final entry:
  6. WoA V Day 7

    Day 7! What a wonderful week! Today we tried to finish the game. We haven't implemented anything special, just bug fixes and gameplay enhancements. Here's the game: https://mega.nz/#!K40gGKyC!k-nuSvEdhKluAhznQvr3RFEC70ErwcXyjoxHF7QvNiU After I write this entry, I'll post the package on the site. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading and following the development of our game during this week!
  7. WoA V Day 6

    We'll consider doing that. We taught that by removing details such as the stars and the trees the tutorial will be easier to follow.
  8. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Day 6!
  9. WoA V Day 6

    Day 6! The competition is almost over so we're trying to polish up the game Today we've added a beginning tutorial (it works only the first time the game is launched). We've added new sound for footsteps and spaceship rays. We've added a new buff which might be useful sometimes, the slow buff. And lastly, we tried fixing bugs and mechanics. We still haven't finished the game, there is still placeholder content, which we'll try to replace tomorrow. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!z8kgSJYY!EE6FSaKba05QLP7SizQZfzK80I30vdJR_p0h71KjsGU As always, thanks for reading.
  10. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Do you hear that? The UFOs are coming!
  11. WoA V Day 5

    Day 5! We've added more sounds, not just ambient sound. We have added new models such as the arch the player is sitting on and the projectiles the aliens throw. Now destroying object is a bit smoother, we've tried changing some effects. We've added antialiasing. We've added keyboard input (in case you don't want to play using the mouse). Another effect we've added is the big spaceship that captures the castle at the end of the game. We've added something I like to call "Super aliens", They are just aliens that take ofer the castle (They don't change the gameplay). They are removed by the people fixing the castle during the day. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!zod2jJwT!99tB37G53rmFGXBCLkIV-K_TObKJplI6p3Hb7XFHfrU That's about it, thanks for reading!
  12. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Looks nice! The games with balls and spheres are my favourite!
  13. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Day 4 is here:
  14. Woa V Day 4

    The middle of the competition, what a great time to modify the game mechanics! Take a look: The biggest thing we added today is the day/ night cycle and the spaceships that capture humans (during the day). The humans are supposes to heal the castle form the damage it received during the night. We also modified the score method. Now the score represents the number of nights you survived. We also changed minor things like the sky and assets. We added a pause menu and a high score system. We also added some trees. Our artists provided us some assets but at the time this post is written, we haven't implemented them. Game Download link: https://mega.nz/#!Px0QnJIL!XWXN-ALRxadFY6ByQlferEQZqDsLP1pqTbocUgxsjsc As always, thanks for reading!
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