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  1. We're glad to announce that we're releasing Retro Fireworks NEXT WEEK! Here's a video: Music: Walee Our Discord server: Thank you all for following the development of this game! Also, I want to wish you all "Merry Christmas!" even though it's not Christmas yet.
  2. SilviuShader


    Hello folks, we have worked on Retro Fireworks (as if it ain't obvious) and added stuff. The game is really close to release. We have improved UI, polished some levels and stuff like that. Right now we're working on the background song of the game. We're confident to show some levels we have worked on. They involve lasers... many lasers.. Here's a video featuring the LASERS Thank you for watching the video above and for following the development of our games! Want more than this post? Join our Discord server, you might like it. Here's an invite to our Discord server: Thank you again!
  3. We added stuff to Retro Fireworks! Here's the video: What do you think? Want to chat with us? Thank you for following the development of Retro Fireworks!
  4. Some more mechanics were added like: The fake sun is what the name says. When you reach it, it spawns a normal sun elsewhere. The USOs just follow you, don't let them catch you. They are red and... the RED THINGS KILL YOU. Also, the moon can now move and rotate during the fight. We also tweaked some of the UI elements and some minor in-game visual elements. Here's how some levels containing these mechanics look: Wanna chat? Thank you for following the development of our game!
  5. SilviuShader


    This is how another 10 levels look like. There are new mechanics involved: the slow bonus, the immunity bonus and the damage objects. Music: Wanna░chat? Thank you for following the development of our games!
  6. We worked on the visual effects. Now the fireworks are much more intense. We also tweaked some minor things. In the future videos we'll show some new mechanics. But for now, here's how the first ten levels look live with the new effects. Wanna chat with us? Thank you for your support!
  7. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball 2 - Skins

    Damn, those are great ideas. I wish I read the comment when you posted it. Now the game is on Google Play, you can check it out:
  8. Yep, we made changes and now the game should look better. The biggest change was how fireworks look.. now the look more lie fireworks and less like random small images. We started working on some beginning tutorial. Tell us what you think! Is it obvious how the game is played or should we change it? Thank you for following the development of our first Retro-AESTHETIC "gaem"! Our Discord server:
  9. SilviuShader

    【new gaem?】

    Take a look at this: This is what we're working on. An aesthetic game. Let us know what you think about it. Also, join our Discord server:
  10. SilviuShader

    Get Fancy Ball from

    You heard it, Fancy Ball 2 is also available on for Windows, Mac and Linux: Of course, who uses We are gamedevs so we use What was I thinking when I sent that link... well, it doesn't matter, you are not forced to download it from, you can also download it from Google Play, here's the link Thank you for reading and downloading in case you did download the game.
  11. SilviuShader


    Well, this is another entry to this blog... and I'm supposed to talk about Fancy Ball 2. Fancy Ball 2 is a game that you can play. You can download it from here: Before Fancy Ball 2 we made Fancy Ball (as if it wasn't obvious), you can download that one too: Well, that being said, thank you for reading stuff about Fancy Ball 2!
  12. SilviuShader

    It's autumn, download Fancy Ball 2

    As the title says, download our game: Now you'll be like: "What? It's just for Android?" And the answer is: Android is the only platform where the game is free, so download it. What? You don't want to download it from Google Play? Keep calm, we got you You can download the Windows Store version: Or the standalone version (available for Windows, Mac and Linux): Want to talk to us? Well, you can PM me here on but you can also join our Discord server: Thank you for reading all of these! Now go on and download the game.
  13. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball 2 - Get it from Microsoft

    Fancy Ball 2 is now on Microsoft Store. What you waitn' for? BUY IT: What? You don't want to pay for it? Well, then just download the FREE Android version of the game: Oh, here is a video about.. stuff.. Come chat with us on Discord: Thank you for reading this post! Now go ahead and BUY IT!
  14. SilviuShader


    As the title says, the game is now on Google Play. Here's a video: Now I know this video is not what you wanted to see, so here's a link to the game: Now I'll just throw here some links that you might find useful. The original soundtrack: This song was made by the ULTIMATE Walee, you should check him out as well. Our Discord server: And last but not least, thank you for following the development of Fancy Ball 2. No go on and download it! If you have suggestions/ critics make sure to leave them here.
  15. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball 2 - Sun Skin

    Well.. the game is almost finished so we'll probably release it next week. Here's what the sun skin does. It gives the player speed as you can see in this video: We still have to finish the FX sounds and music but other than that the game is pretty much finished. We'll release it on Google Play first and then decide about other platforms support. Until this game is ready, you can download our previous Fancy Ball game: Wanna chat? Why not join our discord server? Here's an invite: Thank you for following the development of our games!
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