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  1. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball 2 - Sun Skin

    Well.. the game is almost finished so we'll probably release it next week. Here's what the sun skin does. It gives the player speed as you can see in this video: We still have to finish the FX sounds and music but other than that the game is pretty much finished. We'll release it on Google Play first and then decide about other platforms support. Until this game is ready, you can download our previous Fancy Ball game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SilviuShader.BallNGlass&hl=en_US Wanna chat? Why not join our discord server? Here's an invite: https://discord.gg/9guZGAC Thank you for following the development of our games!
  2. We are close to releasing our second android game, Fancy Ball 2. This week we worked on fixing bugs and optimizing the performance. We also created all of the skins that will be in the game and we'd like to show you shat the reverse screen skin does: We'll release the game soon (in august), so stay tuned. There are still some things we have to do: - Finish the background music and FX - Optimize the game some more - Create all the assets required for publishing the game (icons and splash screens) - Fix some level sections You can come chat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/9guZGAC Thank you for following the development of our games!
  3. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball 2 - All sections timelapse

    That's all I got to say. Thank you for following the development of our games!
  4. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball 2 - Skins

    We are glad to announce that we implemented a skin system for Fancy Ball 2. Here's a video: Let us know in the comments what skin you want to see in the game. Also this week we changed how the gamespeed mechanic works. Previously all the movement equations were something like: velocity += Time.delta * gameSpeed * velocityMultiplier; The problem with this solution was that it didn't work for dynamic body physics (I'm using Unity). I soon realized that Unity has something that can help me. It has Time.timeScale. My initial idea was to make all the movement independent of the gameSpeed and to just assign to Time.timeScale the value of gameSpeed. In my case the maximum value of gameSpeed is 10 so... that solution didn't work really well as it was causing lag. I had to think of another solution. I found a solution that combined both the solutions above. I just multiplied maxSpeed to all the movement equations like so: velocity += Time.deltaTime * maxSpeed * velocityMultiplier; And then what I did was assign Time.timeScale the value gameSpeed / maxSpeed. Something like: Time.timeScale = gameSpeed / maxSpeed; And that is pretty much everything for this week. Thank you for following the development of our games.
  5. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball 2 - First Five Levels

    Hey people, it's been another week. We think we're getting close to releasing Fancy Ball 2. This week we've worked mostly on UI and Android stuff. We also made some levels, so we decided to share with you how the first five levels might look like in the final game: And as always, thank you for following the development of our games.
  6. Yoooo people! This week we didn't really add things in terms of gameplay. We mostly did UI and Android specific things. However, we want to show you how the gameplay will be like, so here it a video with two minutes of gameplay: Hope you like what we've managed to do so far. And as always, thank you for following the development of our games.
  7. SilviuShader


    It's been a while... and yes, we are not dead. In fact we're working on some brand new stuff at the moment Check out THIS video. We made a few levels and highlighted some of the special ones in that video. We now have a discord server, so you can check us out if you want. THIS is our Discord server, you can take a look as well. And as always, thanks for following the development of our games.
  8. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball is now on Google Play

    Here's the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SilviuShader.BallNGlass Just download it! Thank you for following the developement of our games!
  9. SilviuShader

    Hello Triangle - Level 17

    Just another level. You can check it out if you want. Nothing major was added, just some particles for the damage bees, so you can check them out if you want. There is the progress video: Also, I'll leave here the link to our website so you can check that out as well: https://wemakepizzagames.tk/ Future levels will introduce new interesting mechanics, so stay tuned. And as always, thank you for following the developement of the games we make here, at Pizza Games.
  10. SilviuShader

    Hello Triangle - Level 16

    Yeah, time has come for another progress follow up. So, in short terms, we made the game "look better". (Modified the bloom algorithm a bit and added more animations) Also, in this level there can be seen some Damage Bees. This is the first time they appear in the game. This is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsvbuYaV6ts Btw, we now have a website, not sure if I mentioned in the past. Here's the website: https://wemakepizzagames.tk/ And as always, thanks for following the developement of the games we make at Pizza Games!
  11. SilviuShader

    Hello Triangle - Level 15

    Hello guys! We've made another level for our game Hello Triangle. https://youtu.be/y5zWYXBmixQ We haven't added any new mechanics to this level but we combined older mechanics. Future levels will feature more gameplay mechanics. And as always, thanks for following the developement of our games!
  12. SilviuShader

    Hello Triangle - Level 14

    Hello, guys, it's been a while! Since our last post about Fancy Ball we started working on a new game, Hello Triangle. This is a short video featuring level 14 / 30. https://youtu.be/yRQtGbPKk0w We decided to give it a "neon-like" look and we added Bloom. Don't know how good the implementation was because I wasn't able to reach 60 fps on my low-end phone. Of course, we'll solve this problem before the game is released. This level features various game elements like damage objects and action blocks. There's even an immunity bonus featured. There are many more game elements but those will be featured in other levels. Tell me what you think guys! Please give critics! If not, at least give suggestions! And as always, thanks for following the developement of our games!
  13. SilviuShader

    Fancy Ball

    Fancy Ball! I think the name says everything so this post is pretty much useless, but if you are still reading this, please check out the official trailer of the game: It's a game we made in a few months but recently we decided to release the official trailer. We're goanna release it soon, so stay tuned. If you have any critics and suggestions for the game, please leave them here. Another announcement we wanna make is that we're workin' on our website so make sure to check that out as well: http://wemakepizzagames.tk/ One more thing: I added this screenshot of the game just so this post has a thumbnail. As always, thanks for reading and following the development of the games we make at Pizza Games!
  14. SilviuShader

    Trial Of Courage

    Good luck in your journey!
  15. SilviuShader

    Hop N Ween

    After our WoA V entry, Castle Spaceships we wanted to simulate the competition again, so we made another game, available on the Windows Store called Hop N Ween. It's a Halloween themed Hop game, as the name is supposed to suggest. Our goal with this game wasn't necessary an addictive gameplay, it was to make the game scream "HALLOWEEN", and I think we achieved this. For the sound part, we used the same ambient sounds we used in Castle Spaceships. It really fit the theme. These being said, this is the game: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9P3SPJG1F2DH Hop you enjoy it!
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