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    The translation into English is ready. Please check.
  2. Vasilisk8888

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    New clicker. This time you win souls for the needs of Hell. Somewhat more complicated is widely known analogues of this "genre".   Version 0.93 beta Development environment: Dart lang The drawing environment: Paint.net
  3. Also, the last commit was 2 years ago, so I don't think it's actively maintained. That being said, if you clone it and build it and install it for your Apache host, you can likely use Dart in Apache: https://github.com/sam-mccall/mod_dart Easiest is to decide on an intermediate representation, such as XML or JSON. Then write POST handlers in PHP, and POST to your Apache/PHP server from your Dart client.   Then a more specific question. Is it possible to Dart to send POST request to a server, and then accept the result at the same place in the script and not updating the page?
  4. If you go the other how to access PHP code from dart client, how to implement it?
  5. What it means is unsupported? In fact, Dart will work in the server on Apache?
  6. The game client is written in Dart in the browser, it is necessary to organize the data record from the client (browser) to the database on the hosting. Can't understand how to do this in the native language of literature is not, please help and not be judged for "google translate"
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