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  1. Alex Disalvo

    Finally! C# Interactive Unity Tutorial Series

    This is incredibly generous of you.   As a Beginner You can't really imagine how thankful I am.   Thanks!
  2. Alex Disalvo

    Selling TouchDevelop

    That Actually Helps a lot! And I apologize for not being more descriptive, to tell you the truth I am barely getting into forums. I am really not that active yet, but I will definitely take that into consideration when posting from now on. Thank you very much for your response Gian-Reto!
  3. Alex Disalvo

    Selling TouchDevelop

    Hello Guys,   Really Newbie questions, I was looking to see if I could get some extra cash from making TouchDevelop games and if so... where can I start?   Thank you for your time
  4. Alex Disalvo

    XML Serialization

    Thank you all for your replies! These are great resources and will definitely help, Thanks for your time!
  5. Hello Guys!   I have been looking everywhere, and I'll be honest, Work hasn't given me much time to continue researching on this, So I think I'd rather ask people that already know about this, hence I come to you guys.   I have been told that XML Serialization will help me a lot for Save/Load features, and creating much more, But although I've read some articles I can't seem to grab it when it comes to the gaming world.   Does anyone out there know any good tutorial, or a couple of tips you could provide me? Every single thing is really much appreciated.   Thank you for your time reading this!   Best Regards,
  6. Alex Disalvo

    Making Machines Learn

    Skynet!   Mandatory Terminator Joke Aside, This article Is really great!  I can't wait to see what else is in store. I think I even drooled while reading it. AI Is definitely improving every day but this approach is the one that I've liked the most. Thank you.
  7. Alex Disalvo

    Save/Load in C# XNA

    Thank you very much for the visual Example and the links Renman29! And all of you who took time to read and reply to this post, I hope the information also help other people inquiring about the same thing.
  8. Alex Disalvo

    Save/Load in C# XNA

    Thank you very much RenderBlows, That was in fact really helpful and I have a WAY MUCH BETTER idea of where to start now (Something I didn't have before) Thank you very much!
  9. Alex Disalvo

    Save/Load in C# XNA

    Hello Guys,   I have gone through several articles and posts within this community and other websites to figure a way to program a Save / Load Feature for a game. Most of the ones I've seen are for RPGs which I guess it would work just fine but as the total Newbie I am I prefer to ask someone who actually knows... meaning You.   As a Background, the game we are working on is a 2D Gun -n- Run, sort of like  Zombies Ate my Neighbors (If anyone has played it) of course plot and else is totally different but is just so you can imagine the platform. I'd like players to be able to save their stats/weaponry and else.   I must say, this is a 4 player co-op.... I am unsure on where to start... I've read about Threading... I'll be totally honest, I looked into it but couldn't really understand it, and my job has been consuming a lot of time so I haven't gotten around to dedicating it more time this week. If someone could point me in the right direction with "Threading" or Understanding it, I will consider him/her a hero.   Thank you guys.
  10. No one gets left behind
  11. Alex Disalvo

    Programming a Level Editor

    Thanks for all your help, I'll give it a shot with the info you have provided and update the post if possible.   The Frogatto Editor is way too impressive! Is that available for anyone to work on their games?
  12. Alex Disalvo

    Programming a Level Editor

    Sorry for the delay,   Thank you all for your time to respond.   I am working on mainly 2D games, Platformers and Beat' em ups.
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