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  1. I need who could get a website game to get more users. I was the developer, and I have finally finished the project, I cannot get it to go anywhere, so I'm just looking for a business partner or anyone who can help me get it anywhere, we can discuss anything over Skype just add me @ randomeguy123 or email zack.mitkin@gmail.com thank you very much for reading, and I hope to see your replies!
  2. Toooo1

    Examples of win32 Gui code?

    It's old
  3. When does one start graphics, I read and understand this whole tutorial: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/ I have created many console apps, I think I know the basics of C++, but how much do I need to know to start learning DirectX or OpenGL (Which is better?). Where would I start learning if I have what it takes? I'm looking for tutorials, any opinions on where and how to start, and if the C++ tutorial I read and fully understand is enough to start graphics.
  4. Toooo1

    Where can one learn DirectX 11

    Thanks, this is how I learn best also :D
  5. Where can one learn DirectX? I think I got plenty of knowledge in C++, and I think I am ready to start graphics. If anyone knows any good place to learn DirectX or OpenGL (If it's better idk...) then  please help me. I've been learning C++ for 2 Months and I really want to start something that actually looks good. 
  6. Toooo1


    Damn, where did you get does shaders!? Dey's real real real real real real nice :D
  7. Toooo1

    Any good open source game engines?

    Unity3D is a great engine! I don't know if it's open source though. But in my opinion it is amazing. It is very easy to use, and not too hard to learn (unless you don't know any programming language).
  8. The game is great, the sounds are bit bad... but the rest is amazing. It's incredible how you made it all in 5 months.
  9. Is C# worth learning in Unity? People say that every unity game looks the same, and that Unity is too simple.   For a beginner like me, I think that Unity is great for starters. So far I tried to learn C++ and gave up because I want something to do not just create console applications like hangman. Unity seems great in visualizing what you are doing, and you don't have to learn any OpenGL or DirectX because it is all made for you.   I think it is good. Some people say it is bad. I want to know if it is worth learning, if it is not good, are there any other good engines like Unity?
  10. Every tutorial I go to I see them all telling me to have "using namespace std;" at the beginning if I want to have words. But everyone else tells me to use std::cout. I do not know the difference between the 2. So if anyone could help me idk which is better or if it does not even matter. I would think that having namespace std; at the beginning would make things easier because then I just have to write cout << "text"; it's longer to type std::cout.     So which should I use?
  11. Trying to learn C++ if anyone can help me that would be great.
  12. Would starting big and learning C++ be a good thing? I have heard that it is a very hard language to learn because of the syntax, but I think it's only hard because of the time it takes to learn. So I think I would give it a try. What do you think? 
  13.   Hello,   when I was your age I used simple programming languages like Basic and JavaScript to get the hang of programing. Basic is out of fashion nowadays. But there are free Basic IDEs and compilers that are still maintained and free and open. Freebasic even has a tutorial for people that have never coded before: http://www.freebasic.net/wiki/wikka.php?wakka=TutNewToProg   On their tutorial page they also walk you through how to code a very simple game in about 25 lines of code. You can start here http://www.freebasic.net/about/gettingstarted And you can grab an editor to edit free basic here http://fbide.freebasic.net/   Basic enables you to do simple things with only a few lines of code and it hides a lot of complexity that you probably don't yet care about.   In my opinion you should not start with C# and C++. Have some fun in simpler languages before you add complexity to your programs.   Regards Henry   Ya, but I learn pretty quickly. I think I can handle C++, I do not want to use a language that is made more simple. I want to start off big, no matter how long it will take me. I already know how to edit Javascript code in Unity, I just taught myself to, I can edit numbers and copy and paste variables in different places to make other stuff happen. So I might be ok learning C++, I know it is much harder than javascript, but I think I could still do it. A few people suggested I should start big than small.
  14. Trying to figure out the basics of game dev, if anyone could help me that would be great ;)
  15. I checked them out, but they are just tutorials on how to make games in Unity, like a certain project. What I am looking for is just an article about how to program C# or maybe if I can switch to a different engine, and learn C++
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