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  1. Gambosaka LD

    Computer science degree

    Thank you all for the answers.   Of course it's possible! It should be self-evident that pretty much anything is "possible."* But what is it you're really trying to figure out?   *Except time travel to the past, and the Star Trek holodeck.   I am confused about the jobs path for a Computer science graduate, it looks likes there are no "common" job paths in this area (there are a lot of options)
  2. Gambosaka LD

    Computer science degree

    Sorry, I was not very clear, I am not asking if it is possible to get a CEO or executive job right after college graduation, but if it would be possible for a computer science graduate to build his way up until that position (entering in an entry level job and build his way up until CEO, executive positions or even a CIO position)
  3. Gambosaka LD

    Computer science degree

    In the last few months I have started to learn some programming (start learning Java) and I am really enjoying learning it, to a point were I am thinking of changing my university course to computer science, with that being said I would like to know what are the most common job routes for a person with a computer science degree?   How can an individual with a computer science degree work in a job role more related to business? A lot of Ceo and executives from tech companies have computer science degree such as Marissa Mayer from Yahoo, Larry Page at Google and Donn Mattrick at Zynga.
  4. Gambosaka LD


    How many programmers does an indie games usually have?   Are these roles descriptions correct?   The programmers should create scripts to implement the artificial intelligence of the game and systems such as looting system The artist should create the sprites and textures of the game The level designer should create the difficulty of each level by positioning objects and monsters in certain places.    
  5. Gambosaka LD

    Agile methodolog

    Is it possible to have a project manager in a project using the Agile methodology? How would his role change?
  6. Gambosaka LD

    Game designer

    Thank you for the answers.   So the tasks of a  game designer in general would be content, world, system design and story writing.   In general in medium and larger companies do game designers need to know how to program?
  7. Gambosaka LD

    Game designer

    What are the main jobs and necessary skills for a game designer?   Are game designers common in small indie games projects?   What would be the major difference between game designers and project managers? Is possible to have both of them in a small indie project with no budget or the project manager  would usually do the game designers function?
  8. Gambosaka LD

    Masters x Work experience

    I have doubts about if I should pursue my master right after university and have my first full time job after my masters with 24,25 years old or if I should find a job in the game industry right after university. My biggest concern is about "getting old" without full time job experience, although at the same time some companies like Ubisoft have trainee programs for master students.
  9. In your opinions what would be more valuable for a hiring prospect to have in business related roles or Porject management roles, a master degree or 2,3 years of work experience?
  10. Gambosaka LD


    Would it be unethical to work in two different indie projects at the same time?
  11. Gambosaka LD

    Gui/ Ui Designer

    Does the Gui/ Ui Designer needs to know how to program?  I am working in the Marketing sector of an Indie game developer, last week for fun I made the game Menu and the HUD in Photoshop and sent to the project manager so that he could use it the game, my knowledge with game creations is very small, so would it be possible for a developer to use my image in the game? For example get an image of a button and make it possible for the button to react when a player clicks on it?
  12. Gambosaka LD

    Tips to work in the US

    Maybe you could quailfy for a "H-1B visa"   http://www.workpermit.com/us/us_h1b.htm   Edit: Sorry, Frob had already posted it >,<
  13. Gambosaka LD

    Marketing your game

    When should a company begin to market their game?   In case the game is in the early stages of development, what can be posted in social media such as Facebook and Tweeter in order to maintain updates 3-4 days per week?   I made a list of possible content that a post or a Tweet can have: Updates of game scenery, new characters with bio Question about previous updates, feedback Game development such as artwork and sometimes game trailer, soundtrack Photos of people from the develop team working Games such as guessing on an image of a future update of the game. Competitions with other social media such as Snapchat or anything related to Reddit or Hashtag in Tweeter Discuss about game events.      
  14. Gambosaka LD

    Opinion on job

    Do you live in Beijing? If not, are you prepared to pay your own travel costs? Do you speak Chinese?   I can arrange to stay for one year in Beijing through my university although I don´t speak Chinese :P
  15. Gambosaka LD

    Opinion on job

    I have found an internship marketing job in Beijing on Indie Db website, but I can´t find information whether the job is paid or not, would it be ok to send my curriculum to the company and ask if the job is paid or if they would help with living costs during the internship?   Links:   http://www.indiedb.com/jobs/marketing-internship http://substantial-games.com/#marketing-intern
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