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  1. Corman

    Things Change

    Well I seem to find myself slipping on posting anything or keeping up with the whole social thing time and time again. Things change, friends come and go, and personal interests seem to wax an wane. Right now I do not know how active I will stay here but I will continue to support the community and gamedev.net itself. I am looking at giving this whole social thing another go but I do not know to what degree and where and if I will still keep an up to date blog. All I know is my day job keeps me busy and my hobby focus have seemed to lean more towards the art aspect of life, still with a technical focus, than the raw code I have been so used to doing. So this is not really a goodbye but more so a quick drive-by update as there are changes brewing and I will still pop in here from time to time.
  2. Corman

    Stone Cutting

    My article submission has been selected for the next Game Programming Gems 8... AGAIN*! * Yeah, yeah, I know you heard this all before and I bet you find yourself asking "Didn't this happen before? Where is his last announced article for that Game Programming Gems 7?". Well to make a long story short it wasn't just 7 I was going to be in but 6 as well. With 6 I had to pull my work because of a potential conflict with a client at that time and was just safer to drop it than get into any legal battles. Now 7 was harder to deal with for the pure fact I had to withdraw my paper because my father was just then hit with cancer. I would have liked to said I could of handled all the pressure and kept on working but I am only human. There was a lot of rough times ahead but I dropped just about everything to be with my father as much as possible. No amount of professional glory would be worth the time left that I spent with him through all his trials. I could stake my life on the fact that I became closer to him in that short span than I ever have over all my years and it saddens me that it took me even that long. Even though it has been many months since he passed away early in this year I still can't help but cry as I write this. For the man that helped make me who I am... this book is for you dad.
  3. Corman

    Red Matter

    What exactly is "red matter" in the Star Trek movie? I believe this might be some miss guided, artistic license, play on quantum chromodynamics and the strong force. There is what is known as color charge that is formulated to explain quark confinement and the residual of this why protons/neutrons can bind together to form larger groupings. The reason why it is called "color charge" is because it has three aspects so the primary colors red, green, and blue were chosen even though it has nothing to do with color. Gluons (what "glues" it all together) only come in "color" pairs of a color/anticolor. So this "Red Matter" can't be a Gluon but it can still leave the possibility of it being an exotic form of Quark matter. When Quarks combine to form say a Proton (two Up Quarks and a Down Quark) the Proton is "color" neutral since each Quark is a different color. But these Quarks are constantly changing color by exchanging Gluons. The possibility is that this "Red Matter" is some large mass of singularly "colored" Quarks of the Red charge. Of course this is by name only and by some miss guided, artistic license, running off a bit too far and made it ACTUALLY red. Being all the same color charge they would want to repel very strongly and explode. But even then they would start to exchange Gluons and change colors and color confinement would kick in. Because of this and the explosion in progress it becomes more energetically favorable for a new quark/anti-quark pair to spontaneously appear out of the vacuum. One would now have possibly a runaway chain reaction of mass/energy in a relatively small region warping space and time into a black hole. But of course this is just idle speculation on a movie plot device that wasn't talked about more than its color and that it makes black holes.
  4. Corman

    Long Overdue

    I probably should have posted this some time ago but that whole trying out a second job ended out being a bust. The exact reasons I was given for them letting me go was that they just didn't see it working out and no amount of me questioning would my boss expand on that. It came rather much as a shock to me because my reviews up to then were rather good and encouraging. I was not the only one surprised as it seemed no one else knew of me being let go until I was packing up my things to leave. I guess with such a small company they have to be more picky and make sure their pegs fit more snuggly into their respective holes when you have little wiggle room to work with having such a small staff. In the end I guess this was to be expected since I was hired through a head hunter and was on a trial basis to begin with them having to pay the finders fee if they decided to keep me. I guess it wasn't all that blinding since just before this happened another worker who I became reasonable friends with was let go as well just before his trial period was up as well. I can't really pin point who was more at fault here in this whole scenario but I do know I will make a learning experience out of this and keep on moving forward working that much harder.
  5. Corman

    It's ALIVE! Ahahaha!

    I see you are finally doing something with that V850 that I so slickly conned you into getting... NOW GET TO WORK! [grin]
  6. Corman

    Terrain texturing

    MORE MORE MORE! NOW! I have been waiting for some time to start to hear the very nitty gritty of the terrain texturing. [grin]
  7. Corman

    Reworking the journals

    Actually the calender has been very useful to me because some entries get lost to the void and show up nowhere else but the calender. An example of this in my journal is the December 31 2005 entry that can only be seen or found by the calender.
  8. Corman

    Happy New Year

    Thats actually a poorly drawn multicolored graph for light attenuation and fall off. And as for the walls they are damn sexy as is now but I still got the whole space over my desk to fill up with my stuff too as well over time. [grin]
  9. Corman

    Happy New Year

    I know it has been some time since my last update but there are some good reasons for this. First on the list is that I did eventually pull my book article so I could hopefully have a more polished and completed one to be published later. But other than that the biggest thing to happen this year is my migration to a new job at the very fun and cool company named Play Mechanix. For the few of you out there that still feed on coin-op arcade games they are widely known for their series Big Buck Hunter. I have now been here for a week now and everything is going great. There is a lot of exciting things forming on the horizon but I can't even begin to talk about these yet. Like usual I have included some pictures below for your enjoyment. The flag we work under: Only a fraction of the countless many arcade machines: My boss and lead programmer Mark walking in: Scott hard at work on new features in the core engine: Me and Gary next to the crown jewel:
  10. Corman

    Work work work

    Let me be the first to say... WOOT! I look forward to see what you have designed up for this. Don't keep us waiting too long.
  11. Corman

    Rough Diamonds

    The tentative title of the article so far is "Dividing and Conquering Online Worlds" and I believe that may give you a little bit of a hint as to what it will be about. [grin]
  12. Corman

    Rough Diamonds

    My article submission has been selected to be included in the upcoming Game Programming Gems 7!
  13. Corman

    Precious Stones

    Me and my associates submissions are in so wish us luck!
  14. Corman

    Need I say more?

    I think the more appropriate trite graphic would be this:
  15. Corman

    Nerd joke of the day

    Does that joke put you on the list of registered hex offenders now? [grin]
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