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    when is Frank Luna's latest book coming out?

    I was in the same boat wondering the something. Went on Mr. Luna's webpage and according to his website: 8/30/2015: The Direct3D 12 book has been underway for over a year. I'm currently expecting to finish the manuscript by the end of the year, for a release date around April/May 2016.
  2. Jay Pascua

    Should I wait for Directx 12 to buy Luna's book

    Appreciate the heads up on the 50% off, was holding off but pulled the trigger once I saw that.
  3. Jay Pascua

    Were do I start learning computer science?

    Its not that I don't know any computer programming. In fact, I have learned multiple languages already. The issue is that I don't know how to apply my programming skills properly because I am unfamiliar with the available algorithms. That being said, you have a great way of putting the feeling of power you get from programming.   The way you stated that is really vague in terms of giving advice imo. To answer with a general answer because of such I would say: If you actually do know a decent amount of a specific programming language, and you run into a situation where an algorithm is needed, GTS (Google that shit).  More times than not someone has already ran into that situation and has at least attempted a solution. Initially search language specific, but if you're low on resources just go general and figure out the logic and thought process behind their solution and adapt it to your language of choice. Also if there are multiple ways, look at each of them and compare them, cause not everyone is an expert. Some will obviously just get the thing working and call it a day, when there may be a more efficient way to do something.
  4. Jay Pascua

    Best engine for developing a 2D roguelike

    I'd say since you're already accustomed to Unity just use that. Yes, you are able to make games pretty much with just "drag and drop" type things especially if you hit the marketplace, but you DON'T have to for everything. Also you'd have to be doing some pretty unique shit to have to need to override their stuff. ^ That applies to things like monogame as well. I can't say for gamemaker I've never used that. Using an engine that's already been proven, used by multimillion dollar companies, just simply gets things done quick, it sounds more like the advice is foolish. Remember that's just regarding the broad "using an engine to make a 2D game". I can understand if you're trying to learn what's going on behind the scenes then by all means go ahead and just use a library or go all handmade hero on that project, but if you're just trying to get shit done, there's nothing wrong with an engine.   One last question. What things are you looking into that you're afraid an engine might limit you?  
  5. Read through the stickies and I'm going through those books, though I've come across some books that weren't on there and was curious if there were any you could suggest that are like any of those.  Books I loved: Game Programming Patterns Design Patterns Books I liked: Game Coding Complete Game Engine Architecture Books I thought were meh: Programming Practice and Principles with C++ SDL Game Development I am planning on reading Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11 (and eventually 12), but after going through Programming Practice and Principles I'd like a less straightforward technical book before I dive into that ( need a little break ). Next Up: ?????? <--- your suggestion. Effective C++ Series 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11 Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.  
  6. Jay Pascua

    Best Program for Beginners?

    Personally I'd say if your doing it in school, learn the language they're going to be teaching. From my experience it's been pretty awesome. I found out before I entered my 1st Semester Freshman year that my first class was going to be learning the basics of C++. So I switched from Learning C# and Unity to C++. When my semester started a couple of weeks later, everything since then has been a joke, and the teacher has had no problem with me programming or reading books ( I tend to just sit there and read something like Game Programming Patterns, or Game Coding Complete off Amazon Cloud Reader during class, since all of the examples she makes us program takes all of 5 seconds to do. The sad thing looking back at it, finals week is approaching and this entire semester has been the equivalent of about 2 hours of youtube videos. If that. I just like this route cause since I'm in class it's a solid 1.5 hours of me programming whatever I want, or reading without any distractions such as playing video games or whatever.
  7. Jay Pascua

    Learning Graphics Development

    Never seen that shadertoy site till now. Looks awesome. My computer gets really choppy when I'm on that site though, is it just me? Can't test on another computer atm.
  8. Jay Pascua

    Custom Text Formatting

      Thought it was a baked in feature didn't even think to look for an extensions. Found a plethora of options. Thank you. Upped.
  9. Jay Pascua

    Custom Text Formatting

    Was looking through the Options Menu and I guess I'm just blind but could not find an option for automated text formatting options. Like for instance if I type TODO: I would like TODO to automagically be bold and Bright Red. Sorta like how the guy who does Handmade Hero has setup with emacs, but trying to do something like that with Visual Studio 2013. Thank you.
  10. Jay Pascua

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game

    I know off topic, but I'm completely surprised that YGOPRO game is even up still to begin with. Apparently they been up for years now, went on the forums for no longer than 3 minutes and found out they got an Android app, IPhone App, and discussions on torrenting TV shows.
  11. Jay Pascua

    please help with SDL

    Not sure how to say this without sounding like a douchebag, but you should really try to learn what the error messages mean. Try to google them. How do I know you'll find all the answers to everything you will need for that book? That was literally the first book I read when I started in January. In that book, there are typos, as well as the author gradually (im assuming intentionally) leaves things out, and lets you figure out what's missing. Like I said I know it may sound like a douchebag move, but it'll help you a lot in the future.
  12. Both windows x64? Edit: I'm too slow :(
  13. Such a tease to put this up when it's still got another like 8 months ='(  http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Programming-DirectX-Computer-Science/dp/1942270062/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1427810657&sr=8-2&keywords=direct+X+12
  14. Jay Pascua

    sdl2 graphics question

    Pretty much exactly has ubernooble has mentioned (Upped) If you're using SDL_RenderCopy   int SDL_RenderCopy(SDL_Renderer* renderer, SDL_Texture* texture, const SDL_Rect* srcrect, const SDL_Rect* dstrect) Just make your dstrect whatever size (twice as big in this situation), and it'll stretch to fit it. 
  15. Sorry I know it's off topic, but I've definitely been doing this all wrong. Always pays off to read any random thread.
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