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  1. I'm taking a C# course online and I have an assignment that I cannot figure out how to complete. The instructions tell me to look it up and the video for that section only talks about the Visual Studio interface so I'm clueless as to what I should do. I have to display a list of information in a console window and it must use data types, operators, statements, constants, Console.ReadLine, and Console.Writeline. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I want to switch to linux but I still want a good game engine to develop with. I'm not sure whats out there thats good though.
  3. wburton

    Blocky art style?

    What are some other easy low poly styles I can use? The standard for realistic art is very high and producing those models will end up taking more time to make than the game itself.
  4. wburton

    Blocky art style?

    Is using a blocky art style a bad choice? It seems to be very popular and can really speed up the art portion of any project because of its simplicity. I'm making an arena fps in Unreal 4.
  5. wburton

    Questions about Unreal 4 Blueprint?

    I'm not experienced but I know the fundamentals of C++ from reading books and experimenting in CodeBlocks. I really want to sell my game when Im done.
  6. wburton

    UDK good?

    Just installed UE4. It works quite well actually and only really puts stress on the GPU in the fps temp map.
  7. Does anyone know if I can make an entire Unreal 4 game in blueprint without installing VS 2013? Its not that I have a problem with programming its just Visual Studio (Community) is a meaty install at around 10gigs. Is a C++ solution better than blueprint?
  8. wburton

    UDK good?

    Do you think it could run on my system? I have a core 2 duo e8400, 4 gigs of ram, and a overclocked gt640. Sure its an old system but its all I got for right now. I want to save some cash for a really good PC.
  9. wburton

    UDK good?

    Does Unreal 4 really require a quad core to run? I know that previous versions of Unreal were able to run on just about anything.
  10. wburton

    Best First Project?

    RPG's are a bit too much to start with and for practice I think that a simple side scroller is a good start.
  11. wburton

    Tutorials for Torque 3D?

    Sorry I to confuse. They don't really specify the difference between using fmod and openal or bullet and PhysX that are included with Torque.
  12. wburton

    flight sim game, what engine or renderer?

    I recommend that you do not build an engine from scratch. You will end up spending more time programming an engine than making a game. I would look for a pre-built game engine that supports LOD, occlusion culling, and instancing. Maybe open source code could be useful to you also. Some free engines you can look into are Torque 3D, JMonkey, Panda3D, Grit, and Neoaxis. I like Torque. It is a nice piece of software if you can figure it out.
  13. wburton

    UDK good?

    Sorry if this seems like another "which engine?" question. There are so many different programs out there that its difficult for people to decide between them all. I was asking because Unreal's license caught my eye. It seems like an Unreal deal.
  14. wburton

    UDK good?

    I'm looking to make a first person game that I can sell at some point. I have some knowledge of C++, I am very knowledgeable in 3D asset creation, I have very little experience modifying audio, and no experience recording audio or producing music.
  15. wburton

    UDK good?

    How is UDK for indie developers? I never really looked into it because I heard much negativity about the royalties and scripting language.
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