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  1. Keyword “new” is not recognised by my version of VC. Is C++ support off, or what kind of an error is this?
  2. I think the reason memcpy doesn't work properly is because its being called in the WinProc callback. In WinProc reads from socket may be dealt in short interval from the queued massages and memcpy doen't have time to write for the first call and is immedaitely called the second time? Possible?
  3. Nope, its a typo.(corrected) Both buffers have 1 byte elements and both run without errors. Its just the memcpy one produces wrong output, while being in principle identical to looped copying. I'm trying to see why. [Edited by - MadMaxz5 on August 7, 2005 8:37:57 AM]
  4. Hi all. Below is the bit of the code for reading from a socket. The commented out part works fine, i.e copying contents of the read socket buffer to the main http message buffer, and appends in on multiple passes. But the line above it, one with memcpy, is to my knowledge supposed to do the same, but it doesn't. The data it copies is all wrong. It gives not just offset, but completely wrong values. filled_to is set to zero for first pass. (WSAGETSELECTEVENT(lParam)) { case FD_READ: ZeroMemory(reading_buf, 256); bytes_read=recv(clientSocket,reading_buf,256,0); memcpy(http_msg+filled_to,reading_buf,bytes_read);// what's wrong here? //for (i=0; i<bytes_read; i++) http_msg[filledto+i]=reading_buf; filled_to+=bytes_read; break; Any ideas? [Edited by - MadMaxz5 on August 7, 2005 8:43:05 AM]
  5. MadMaxz5

    C++ HTTP parser or wrapper.

    Thanks for all replies. Windows stuff looks promising.
  6. Hi all, looking to implement some http based networking(both server and client), but don't really want to parse the messages myself, is there a good c/c++ http wrapper (preferably with Winsock) that anyone knows about? Thanks.
  7. Got it. Thanks!!! Great tool!
  8. Thanks for the guidance. The reason I'm looking for a tool like this is that windows visibly slows down sometimes and when I boot up Task Manager its too late and processes workload already showing 99 per cent CPU time as system idle. So I cannot find the culprit that is responsible for slowing the system down. I suspect the firewall software, but would be nice to see that for a fact.
  9. Hi all, Is there a way(tool) to log how much CPU time and RAM the processes have been using in set time intervals, much like Windows Task Manager, but one that records what's been happening, not just what is there at the moment. Thanks.
  10. MadMaxz5

    Win32 Edit Controls

    That was easy. Thanks
  11. MadMaxz5

    Win32 Edit Controls

    I did use ES_MULTILINE style, and have a functioning multi-line edit window, but multiple lines seem to work for user input only tho. When I send some text to edit as a string, how do I specify where to break the line?
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to display some large text in multi-line edit control, by sending a string with the text to the control window(SetWindowText). But how do make the text appear on multiple lines, cos SetWindowText seems to place the entire string content on the first line of edit window. Thanks.
  13. MadMaxz5

    resource files

    Try searching the net for this file <forgers-win32-tutorial-pdf.zip> it is available 4 free and is quite expansive and well written Win32 tutorial that does examine GUI resource files (including manual editing).
  14. Thank for the reply. MSDN on CriticalSections talks of some critical section variable of type CRITICAL_SECTION that I need to declare and then pass to CriticalSections functions. But how does this relate to my variables that I want to lock for exclusive access?
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