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  1. https://nlguillemot.wordpress.com/2016/12/07/reversed-z-in-opengl/ I found this guide previously while searching google images for OpenGL depth buffer images and was wondering why an image had it's values reversed.
  2. fleabay

    UE4 C++ Error

    Using "\Môj Život\" in the path is just asking for trouble. I don't even use spaces in folders I create. Even the space in "Program Files" bothers me sometimes.
  3. fleabay


    Do you plan on changing the graphics?
  4. fleabay


    How can people be unhappy when there is nothing to be unhappy about?
  5. fleabay

    Struggling to fill 3D city themed game

  6. fleabay


    This is pretty funny. Mobile Diablo was actually an April fools joke in 2014. https://us.diablo3.com/en/blog/13607363/[april-fools]-ascend-to-victory-with-happy-reaper™-4-1-2014
  7. You might be interested in this book. It uses Raspberry Pi, and from glancing over my review copy, it looks pretty in-depth for Raspberry Pi C++ game development. I have never worked with Raspberry Pi and I only glanced over the book, so this is not a recommendation, but looking over this book makes me want a Pi. The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming: Using Target-based Development on SBC's 1st 2018 https://www.amazon.com/Fundamentals-Game-Programming-Target-based-Development-ebook/dp/B079L6T143
  8. fleabay


    Diablo Imortal is the best game in the whole series. I can't wait for Diablo 4. - Sent from my iPhone X
  9. I would think that isometric is the best example of 3D orthogonal. ED: I speak of orthogonal as no perspective, not true orthogonal. I'm sure there is a better term but I don't know it.
  10. fleabay

    What are the principles of game design?

    Can you give an example of how this workflow has benefited you in one of your game designs?
  11. fleabay

    (Updated) Struggling With Remembering What I've Learned.

    While I do agree to an extent...
  12. They can be both. Don't worry about how things are displayed while working in world space. You can imagine your world space as a perfect 3D arena and never take into account any subsequent spaces as affecting game play. Don't even imagine the game as being in camera space. The camera is best thought of as a game object and not a position at the origin; you can have multiple cameras/POVs even with an FPS. Just be aware of where the game camera(s) is in world space and let the view matrix do it's thing. One more point I want to make that is not directly related to your post that might help you sometime. There is no OpenGL camera at the origin. It's a big lie. The game camera is moved to the origin to make further calculations less complex. And even that is a lie, the view matrix doesn't move the camera, it moves everything else.
  13. fleabay

    (Updated) Struggling With Remembering What I've Learned.

    "If I see it and am given an example I can copy and reproduce results from a simple tutorial, I can do it usually without error (if not too complex)." Repeat the example without looking and reference the internet if you get stuck. It's easy to get into the habit of following a tutorial and think you are learning when all you are doing is retyping verbatim.
  14. Sorry, I tried searching for a thread on this topic but didn't see any. Can you link me? ED: Nevermind, I guess you mean GnollRunner's reply was sufficient.
  15. fleabay

    Introducing... the CyberFlea!

    I doubt I will be frequenting this site much so I'll go ahead and tell you the name... Fragger. Use it if you like.
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