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  1. fleabay

    Is a flip method some kind of rotation?

    That is more of a mirror than a flip. But it will flip the normals.
  2. fleabay

    vertices for rotation

    For the top face verts, (a, b, c) becomes (a, c, -b) For example, your last vert ( -1.0, -0.5, 1.0 ) becomes ( -1.0, 1.0, 0.5 ) for the top face. The y value of -0.5 was negated to 0.5 and swapped with the z value. It doesn't matter which order you do it in, you could also swap y and z columns and then negate the resulting z. (for the top verts)
  3. fleabay

    vertices for rotation

    For the top, negate the y column values then swap the y and z columns. (90 deg clockwise rotation on x axis) For the right, negate the x column values then swap the x and z columns. (90 deg counterclockwise rotation on y axis)
  4. fleabay

    vertices for rotation

    I'm pretty sure he meant polygon cube.
  5. fleabay

    vertices for rotation

    You should watch the whole video, but go to 45:45 for your specific question.
  6. fleabay

    Assembly language?

    I couldn't find my NeHe asm source code. This might get you started though... https://github.com/duncanspumpkin/NeHeNASM I have not looked at his code. ED: Looky what I found https://github.com/gamedev-net/nehe-opengl/tree/master/masm
  7. diep.io? It fits your 2nd definition.
  8. This looks like updated source for VS2012. https://github.com/ericrrichards/fps Under fps/FPS/Source/
  9. fleabay

    Assembly language?

    I have assembly code versions of NeHe's OpenGL tuts on a drive somewhere...
  10. Make sure you are using the right lib file for debug/release. Read bottom of this thread for that info...
  11. What are the same errors? You never posted them. Post the ESP error you are getting verbatim. Maybe this is the issue... https://www.opencascade.com/content/help-calling-convention-error
  12. fleabay

    As a game dev, what are you most afraid of?

    Bugs that take hours to find.
  13. Have you tried adding a level of indirection?
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