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  1. fleabay

    shooting bullets

    For my space game I created bullets and gave them the same position, rotation and velocity (maybe acceleration also) as the ship and then gave them acceleration in the forward pointing vector of the ship. Then you can use the same method to draw the bullets as you do the ship.
  2. fleabay

    This Week in Game-Guru - 09/17/18

    Why did you need to post about the childish drama on your site?
  3. I just want to thank Unknown33. Intentional or not, you got the crap shoveled out of plain view. Seriously, good job.
  4. Highly intelligent people don't try to sway public opinion of politics on a game development forum and in general they altogether avoid things that they have no control over.
  5. Take the damn politics somewhere else along with any other off-topic nonsense. I don't know why the mods/admins here think that it is a good idea to have political discourse here. It's not like there are not hundreds of sites just for such purpose.
  6. fleabay

    Help in Naming my Games.

    I did a Google image search on 'Ned'. I must say I am not impressed.
  7. Recommendations are subjective enough on their own without the added inexperience to invalidate them even more.
  8. IMHO Digipen is known more for game design and programming whereas Gnomon is known more for asset design and creation.
  9. He wants to use Ugandan Knuckles as a character in a game and he thinks Ugandan law applies.
  10. Thanks frob and wqking. I have been thinking that the implementation of an 'average' class in the .cpp class file was the definition. It seems very odd to me that both the declaration and the definition of a class are usually in the header.
  11. Please tell me what you think the purpose of include guards are in header files if there is no problem with multiple declarations of the same class in a translation unit.
  12. Multiple declarations of a class are not allowed in a translation unit. It doen't matter if they are exactly alike are not. This is the whole point of include guards.
  13. Using include guards in declaration files (.h files) guarantees that multiple declarations of the same class will not appear in any translation units. Also, the definitions of A and B are in their own .cpp files and do not appear in the translation unit for main.cpp. I think in the quoted text you have miswrote definition for declaration.
  14. fleabay

    How can I move a hero along the floor mesh?

    A navmesh is used for AI controlled entities. Raycast on the barycentric coordinates of a given triangle to find the correct height at the location your standing on. ED: You might not need raycast, linear interpolation may be all you need.
  15. It looks like you can create a layer and uncheck the matrix intersection of that layer so no collisions occur.
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