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  1. fleabay

    c# tic tac toe game

    Please don't. If you need that info put it in a separate file.
  2. If you Google 'Trademarks are adjectives' you will get tons of links stating that that is proper use and one could lose a trademark if not used in that fashion. The examples I have seen given are: Elevator, Kerosene, Corn Flakes, Yo-Yo. Apparently they had their Trademarks revoked because they were advertised as nouns or fell into use as nouns. Nobody I know says 'Walmart store' so maybe it's time to revoke Wal-Marts trademark.
  3. Choose your graphics API first and get a book that uses the same axis orientation as the API or else you are just making it hard on yourself.
  4. fleabay

    Rendering Arts

    Looks good. What renderer do you use and how long did it take to render the toon street? One critique, the god rays don't look like they belong.
  5. fleabay

    3D Characters

    Do these have rigs? I really like Gnom.
  6. fleabay


    I like these, they have a 60's/70's vibe to them.
  7. fleabay

    Texture repeat question

    Your geometry contains UV coords, right?
  8. fleabay

    Texture repeat question

    The UV's I'm referring to are the vertex attributes on the plane. Also I think using 10.0 on the texture would zoom 10x.
  9. fleabay

    Texture repeat question

    To get repeating texture specify > 1.0 for UV coords. You can put a 10x10 texture grid on a 1x1 plane by using 10.0 for both U and V.
  10. This page has Unreal Engine branding info and contact info for branding issues.
  11. Discrimination and offensiveness are two different things.
  12. What's this stereotype about native Americans not caring about material possessions?
  13. fleabay

    The Corona 2D game engine is going open source in 2019

    "You can download the Corona source code under the GPLv3 license..." Thanks for the warning.
  14. fleabay

    Learning to Accept your Limitations as a Lone Developer

    Everyone is acting like I called him 'Not a real game developer' because he uses Unity. Reminds me of this... ED: MAJOR SPOILER FOR BETTER CALL SAUL
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