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    A Good Story Idea for an RPG?

  2. Hey. Why do you post your ideas? Are you showing off kids?  Anyone steal them and use as their own. In gamedesign - idea is everything. Ofcourse, there are no good ideas to steal here. Maybe you understand how pathetic they are and post them without any fear... But why to shame yourself by showing how bad your ideas are?
  3. Krios

    A Good Story Idea for an RPG?

    Kyrill, go back to your caravansl. If you want a "good story" - pay me 10,000 US and I will think about it.  And you, guys above, Are you crazy? Why you helping him? You are stupid schoolboys.  Or because believe he will never achieve something? Then why waste your time?
  4. Hi mates. Finally I decided to register my studio. How do I do it? I dont want any pty ltd signs in the end of it, and there is no office - we work and live in a garage.  And it will never be open to public. And it we operate not untill 10 pm, but 6am.  Just tell me what form to choose, where to apply and what to write...   
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