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  1. Nope wasn't lego creator. I didn't know it could to stuff like that though.
  2. The problem is I don't know what its called or who made it, so I'll have to describe it to you and hope that one of you has tried it. From what I remember it has no story (Its 3d) and involves you using identical blocks to build vehicles. You can add on tires and other things to facilitate driving (steering etc.), you can add helicopter blades or rockets (I think). You can then set the functions of the propulsion to a keyboard button so you can drive it. Also, I recall that you start in a bland grid-like level, and can add obstacles to drive around and such. The game also made use of a physics (Naturally, it wouldn't be any fun if it didn't). Also, its not a mod of any sort, it was a completely stan-alone freeware title (Or somthing along those lines). Thats all that I can remember, I hope that was enough. Thanks for reading and any future help.