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  1. MarioLuigiMan

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

    Yeah I got last place Team: Ovensparrow
  2. MarioLuigiMan

    Starting a Programming Club!

    what you said :)
  3. MarioLuigiMan

    Starting a Programming Club!

      And what about the parts that nobody wants to do, but that need to get done anyway? ;)   Ill just do the boring stuff I think?
  4. MarioLuigiMan

    Starting a Programming Club!

    also "Fight Club" came out 2 years before I was even born.
  5. MarioLuigiMan

    Starting a Programming Club!

    Ill make sure everyone gets a part and gets to do what they like
  6. MarioLuigiMan

    Starting a Programming Club!

    got it :)
  7. MarioLuigiMan

    Starting a Programming Club!

  8. MarioLuigiMan

    Starting a Programming Club!

    Starting a programming / game development club. Do you guys have any advice?   Ill also post my club logo once I finish designing it     [attachment=28867:parkwaywestgamedevpage.png]    
  9. MarioLuigiMan

    Day #3

    Just came home from school. My partner composed some music thinking of game decisions. Have to implement a pick up system. Did some stuff. --UPDATE Implemented pushing system instead.
  10. MarioLuigiMan

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Heres the link to the game. I am finished with the game for the game jam. Sorry if it sucks, but I also started high school this week .   http://ovensparrow.itch.io/deathjam   EDIT: I might be able to work on the game tommorow :)
  11. MarioLuigiMan

    I want to make a simple multiplayer game

    If i were you. Which I'm not :). I would make a local multi-player  game first. That is on the same computer. Some guys on console are "split screen" that is same device multiple controllers. I would try to make a game like that first before trying something higher level i.e LAN, global network games. The first games i made had to players take turns chasing each other. Another I made was similar to super smash bros with platforms. See what you can do with one computer first :)
  12. MarioLuigiMan

    Day #2

    - Drew more things (bones, skull) - Implemented Jumping and falling tree - That is it for now
  13. MarioLuigiMan

    High School and Games

    Went to the high school. Still here to type these words. Thanks for all the advice :)
  14. MarioLuigiMan

    Gamedev podcasts

    what is a gamedev podcast specifically? listening to the process of making games?
  15. MarioLuigiMan

    High School and Games

    Alright thank u all for your advice. Starting high school tommorow. Im going probably join robotics or start a programming. :)
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