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    2D Forest, 3D toon characters and stuffs - 50% off

    Statues:   Fawn:
  2.   Hi guys,   Maybe those below assets catch your interest, we have   2D Forest Pack (new):     Preview video:     Toon Dragon:     Animations:   Jungle UI:       Zombie Dog:   And many more are on 50% off sale at our store:   http://asset4indie.com/products.html  
  3. Hi guys, hope you like our new toon dragon model The model has low poly and mid poly versions           Animations:   It's 50% off so the price is $7.5 only, the model is tested in Unity and exported to unitypackage   Welcome to our store: http://asset4indie.com
  4. Hi guys, we have new model: the cute fish     And also a new Jungle UI set         Loading bar:   We're running the April Sale: you get +5% more discount for each more item on your cart (max: 50% discount) at our store   http://asset4indie.com   Some other models we have:          
  5. Asset4Indie

    New New

    Hi all!   We've just opened a new asset store for indie developers, to celebrate, we're running the Opening Sale: you get +5% more discount for each more item on your cart (max: 50% discount) until Jan 15th 2015!     Some of the models we have for now:                   Also please give us suggestions :D We know you have many ideas :D   Asset4Indie 
  6. Asset4Indie

    New New

      There are more if you go to the "Assets" page.     Thanks LennyLen yeah you'll see all the assets when you click on the Assets section   Thank you very much Ashaman for pointing out those problems this is our first time and we're not so bright so we surely make mistakes and thank god we have your post!   - The Menu is fixed in Asset detail pages. - We do have fbx format in the package but we forgot to mention it on the asset pages XP (we have collada format and blend already) - We do have animation preview at the bottom right of each asset page. - The preview images are taken from Unity and iClone which are realtime engines so the models will look like that in your game (you have to support normal map though)   Again thank you thank you
  7. Asset4Indie

    New New

      Opps here's the link to our store: http://asset4indie.com/products.html :p  
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