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  1. Simensis

    Online Portfolio Feedback

    Thank you! That's exactly what I will do.   And thank you guys so much for your feedback. After so much reflection I have decided to focus on environment art. Of course I will have to change my portfolio accordingly and make new things to add. It feels good to find something clear to do now! Once again I thank you all so much for your time, you've helped me a lot!
  2. Simensis

    Online Portfolio Feedback

    That is the opposite of "focused".   Design and technical artist are both out, they require years of experience.     That leaves "scripting" and "programming".  I suggest you just look for "gameplay programmer" that normally handles both and call it your focus.    Understood! Thank you for your advice! I shall focus on that then.
  3. Simensis

    Online Portfolio Feedback

      Understood, thank you very much for your time! I'll totally work on that.
  4. Simensis

    Game Concept Feedback

    I couldn't catch the whole idea of the mechanics and the game itself. I feel your's is more like a story description than a Game Concept one. I could see your idea as runner, platformer, beat em up, etc. Could you elaborate on the mechanics that your game would be using? A genre which it can relate to, the controls and some games that could be similar to what you are looking for would be some useful information too.
  5. Simensis

    Online Portfolio Feedback

    My objectives are focused on Game Design, Scripting, Programming (specially for prototyping) and as a Technical Artist. Although I have experiencie in 2D and 3D art because of my education, I am not looking for a position specialized in the creation of assets, I'm leaning more on the implementation area.
  6. Personally I found it easier to begin learning game development and programming with 2D games rather than getting right on with 3D.   3D modelling and animation involve all the complex processes that have been mentioned above and it is easy to be overwhelmed. But It is not that difficult to learn if you start from the basics. I would advice you to start exploring all the mechanics behind 2D games (rendering, collisions, physics, animation, etc.) and then go with 3D.   I find it very helpful to know about 3D modelling and animation, specially on the importing and implementation part in which a lot of errors can happen. Maybe you won't be able to model something great but you'll understand the process and will be able to solve any problem (which in 3D happens a lot!). It could also be helpful to watch a video or tutorial where the whole process of implementing a 3D model to a game is shown, specially a character or any other model that involves a rigging system.   In any case don't be intimidated by the big amount of information. It will be a process of learning and understanding where things will eventually make sense. It is really a fascinating topic.
  7. Hello everybody! I just graduated as a Digital Artist and am currently working on my game portfolio. I would like some feedback and advice on how to make it the best possible. I am seeking to get myself into the industry and get my name out there but would like to have a good portfolio first.   http://www.simensisgames.com   The website serves as an online portfolio and as the site of my own indie game studio. I was wondering if having both of these things in the same site is a good idea or I should do separate sites, one for my portfolio and the other as a studio website.   Any kind of feedback will be totally appreciated whether it is on content, form or both.
  8. I recently have been pondering too on new mechanics for a text adventure. Some things occured to me that may be useful for you depending on your story and your overall project.   One thing I thought of was the introduction of text art in some points of the game. Something like THIS   It doesn't need to be necessarily interactive, just another tool you could use.   The idea I envisioned had more to do with a simulated chat in which you would talk with different character and solve some sort of puzzle. In this case I would change the background and font colors for each character you are interacting with in different "rooms".   Maybe you could have some king of "mind control" on the player in which no matter what they typed, a predefined text would appear on screen.   I liked a lot the idea of Thaumaturge of the ASCII-exploration, it would definitely be a good surprise to have that somewhere in the game.   Anyways if I think of something else I will gladly share, I think text adventures have so much more to give.
  9. Simensis

    Intelligence is...

    There are many kinds of intelligences according (of course) to the theory of multiple intelligences. You can be a genius at math (Logical-Mathematical intelligence) but you can't be able to communicate correctly through words (verbal-linguistic). I would agree with the "ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills" mixed with this one. It just falls down to which skills and knowledge you acquire (and more importantly to me) you apply the best.
  10. Simensis

    Greetings from Mexico!

      Thank you! Things are slow around here but I hope we can come up with something interesting in the future. It's up to us mexican developers. I wish you well also my friend.
  11. Simensis

    Greetings from Mexico!

    Hello everybody! Just found out about these forums and immediately wanted to register and join the community. Everybody seems so friendly and helpful, I hope to make myself useful as well. I've just graduated from a Bachelor Degree in Digital Arts here in Mexico and are totally into game design and development, specially to help the industry grow over here. I have made some student project but nothing professional yet, just trying to get myself into the medium. Anyways, nice to meet you all, hope to see you around here often!
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