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  1. Hello guys,   This is my first time attempting to make a CV and i always thought that it was something like stablished but when I start looking for CV's online THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT! So I am confused now, what should I do? how should my CV look like?   Here is some info about me:   I am studying informatic engeneering, and I want to apply as an intern to a game studio in Caracas, Venezuela called Teravision Games.   I have done some courses about logic and programming, technical services, basic electronic and social media.   I am also working with an online team as a level desginer for a Tower Defense game, I have worked for a catering company as a marketing assistant.   Can you guys give me like templates or something like that to make a good CV? or at least point me on the right direction?   Thanks 
  2. Crestos

    How to actually learn game development?

    13 years to be competent? And I thought that I was being pessimistic about learning a language in one year.
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied at this. Seriously I never thought that code clarity was that important, and I also learned a lot of stuff about code, so I hope everyone else find this post as useful as I do. I think that I have to learn all the methods of the libraries that I'm using, because what I usually do when I am coding is write the algorithm in pseudocode in my mind and then I kind of traduce it to Python or the the language I'm using. Maybe someone knows a book or something about how to achieve better code.
  4. I want to know if it really matters at the end of the day, how your code looks like or how you wrote it. For example, I made a program to a friend who laughed at me because I wrote this(Python): Numbers = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0] NumbersRandom = [] For i in range(5): X = random.randint(0,9) Numbersrandom.append(Numbers[X]) random.shuffle(Numbersrandom) Print (Numbersrandom) Instead of this: Numbers = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0] Numbersrandom = random.sample(Numbers,5) Print (NumbersRandom) Both programs print a list of five random numbers, so what do you think about it? Is it the big deal or not?
  5. Hi guys this a piece of a plot I've been writing in my free time, I think it may fit in a visual novel game and I would really appreciate any thoughts about it ( goods or bads) also excuse me if I don't use the appropriate words because English is not my natural language. You are in a long stone street in the commercial side of the big city on your way home when you see a mysterious hooded person running of the sewer at high speed, he drops a shiny object so you decide to drag your sword and enter the sewer while picking up the golden necklace. After walking a bit you find a half-opened secret door which leads to a passage inside the royal palace, as you go inside you start feeling a strange aura and a weird smell just before finding a dead body, king Archer's dead body...
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