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    Digital Tutors

    Sick guy... Dont you have a job so you are doing such sheet and spamming my thread asking why I write in caps lock? 
  2. Sup there. Looking to buy a budget laptop about 800-1150 AUD. It must be graphically oriented and have not sheety GPU. Going to use it make a new crysis. What the specs are acceptable for that purpose? The cheapest i found is MSI GE60 Apache Gaming Laptop which specs are Intel® Core™ i7 4710HQ Processor GeForce® GTX 850M with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM http://www.jw.com.au/msi-ge60-apache-gaming-laptop-2pl-660au-p-55576 Actually not bad, I think. But it is 1299. Quite pricey for such card and processor. Please advice something cheaper.  
  3. Kriy

    Digital Tutors

    It is only expensive compared to what it offers. I ve tried a few tuts and need opinions on full version.
  4. Wasup, mfookers. Daddy's gonna buy u know what? Yes! Yes focking sheet! Leap Motion Capture. U know what dat means. Besides that I will live at streets cause spent all my mc donalds salary on laptop, oculus and leap motion. But anyway, I am a backpacker. What idiot will pay additional 300p/w for apartment when he can put that money into his carriees. Or weed.  So. U asking Y that guy tells me that sheet.  I just dunno a sheet about it, ?????.  Need some expirienced folk to be summoned to the thread and tell about expirience of using it.  
  5. Kriy

    Question pack #1

    QUESTIONPACK #1 Hello. I have some pack of questions need to be answered.  What to choose for character creation?  Maya vs 3dmax vs Zbrush   What to choose for level design Maya vs 3dmax vs your option What online course to learn the selected software to choose? My review on Digital Tutors.  Awfull voices. Indian accents.   You get better quality from YouTube. There are plenty of 3DMax, Maya, Zbrush, PS in the net for free.   Low amount of tutorials for 50/month. I would pay maximum  5/month.    Bullsheet. Flowerish language, useless talk to make videos longer.   It feels commercial and dirty. I read a lot of marketing and psychological books! I can fook that stupid costumers! I should speak with a specific tone blah blah their brain will blah blah. Fook that. I better watch tuts by 10yo.  Their certificates worth nothing.  Ofcourse you do not join the course for their pathetic certs. But they include them into the price. 
  6. Kriy

    Help needed to name a game

    >Drive Hard  >Guns and Roads >Road Killer Sounds cool
  7. Kriy

    Digital Tutors

    Hello. What can you say about digitaltutors? I plan to learn 3dmax and zbrush. Is it worth it? 
  8. Hello. I want to use characters from films&other games in my game. Will i get penalty if project non-commercial? Is it legal to use them for non-profit, free games? What if game itself is not free, but characters will be added as free dlc?  
  9. Hello. I plan to buy oculus rift and dunno how to use it and connect to unreal.  Any manuals? Thank you.
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