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  1. Imagine a ladder with players up and down it. The better go towards the top, and the worst are at the bottom. These are constantly switching up and down, so when an event is triggered, I can grab the lowest on the ladder move them to spectator (perma death). My problem is how can I write code in a way that will allow me to move them up and down. In Update() should I just check where they are on the leaderboards and reassign numbers, shifting everyone down. What is a good way to do this?
  2. Beastinlosers

    Cannot Find Symbols

    I hate those stupid errors, thanks for the 2nd look :D
  3. I am trying to follow this android tutorial for developing a flashlight.   Here is my code: http://pastebin.com/0D29gFin <--Line 31 is the problem   Here is were my messages/logs/output/error stuff: http://pastebin.com/p4TtdvMH <-- Line 47 problem   Here is the tutorial:   Since I changed it (I had to edit the line of code that causes the problem in order to get no errors, which gave a different error) here was the error before hand:  Error:(31, 67) error: <anonymous com.airsoftbbstore.evan.flashlight.MainActivity$1> is not abstract and does not override abstract method onClick(View) in OnClickListener And the original Line of code: imageButton.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
  4. Beastinlosers

    Rhenium - top-down survival shooter

    Looks Good! Love the viewing angles!
  5. Beastinlosers

    Unity Polycode?

    -Posting from my phone so sorry if it's kinda wierd- polycode.org So I stumbled upon polycode today and was wondering if any of yall use it. The ide looks amazing and the fact that you can use it on Mac, linux and windows (aswell as publish to them) is amazing aswell. it's open source sexy unity like ide c++/lua Make and publish games on linux , mac and windows. The forums look dead but when someone posts something tons of replies Come in so I'm not sure if it's dead so I was wondering if any of yall have used it before and Is it a viable option for game dev. If not check it out. I'm wondering if I should use this to make a game. -feel free to move it to the right section-
  6. Beastinlosers

    Good name for a zombie game

    like u actually call it (using that name) jesus (gee-zass) i prob wouldn't though cause that might kinda tick off Christians (being one I would advise u against it)
  7. Beastinlosers


    Thank you. I was meaning to ask if amy of yall have used it and if so was it good(clean api editor works etc)
  8. Beastinlosers

    Anyone know a really good place to learn UE4

    Thank you!
  9. As the title suggest, does anyone know a really good place to learn UE4 using c++ any where?   I am going to ATTEMPT a simple multiplayer FPS in a open world (Before you shoot me down I do have a semi-unique idea that I will try and try to do) I will be using c++ not the blueprint system Would like it to be very recent Nov 2014+ (if you can)   Sorry If this post sounds weird Feel free to move this to the right section   Also I am semi-new to game development but c++ has really clicked with me!   *Edit*  I will attempt to make a couple concept games along the way, for example a guy that shoots a gun then have him run around a outdoor world etc
  10. Beastinlosers

    Anyone know a really good place to learn UE4

    Thank you but it focuses more on the blue print system but i will check it out.  If anyone can find more tuts I would be welcome to it
  11. Beastinlosers

    Who wants to make a game?

    I would like to join you hut I am new and don't have much to offer. Plus I'm a minor.
  12. Beastinlosers

    C# seems good, but....

    --While reading keep in mind I am in a mobile device-- C# seems to be really popular here, but I have heard it is slow and similar to java. I can read java code, but can kinda write it. I have messed around with c++ (which I kinda like so far), python and lua. So as I know when you begin, you should stay with one language. Should I just stick with c++ and learn a "pro" language first or continue on with Java. I have written a "black box" in java before and would not mind doing it again in any other language. I want to get into game programming and would like to start off with a language that is versatile and I can write faster (in the start of developing). What language should I start with and is the there any good ebooks/ text tutorials online that I can use with the corresponding language. I am open to almost any language that will be continued for a long time. P.S. I really like game dev so far because on most dev forums your post get rejected because of stupid reasons cough *stack overflow*
  13. Beastinlosers

    where do I learn java/C#

    I was wondering what are some good places/tuts to learn C# or Java. I am currently in between the two and whichever language has better stuff for it is what I am going to go for. Ebooks, PDFs, text tutorials, etc would be amazing! I find many to be irrelevant or outdated, so the more modern the better.
  14. Beastinlosers

    Newcomer to this world, what to choose?

    Leadwerks(lua/c++, cheaper than ue4, and still would look really good using your chosen artistic style) seems to be promising and unity uses c# which is similiar to java (but I rather use unity for prototyping do to the fact you could create a game almost solely using market downloads) the thing is just keep in mind, just because lots of people make not so pretty games with any engine doesn't mean that engine is bad. 2. Yes it's doable alone, but you said, "so I basically need to do everything by myself", I would recommend you find some one to do art for you online or ask some friends to help out. 3. Yes I have seen wrappers and modified source code of the engine that allows android development (or maybe they decided to fully inplement I'm not 100% sure) even with modified source code you need to buy the copy according to eula 4. Look up some good tutorials I'm not the artistic type but look around on our 3d art stuff section here for tools and good tutorials.
  15. Beastinlosers

    Where to deeply learn Direct3D/X ?

    First I am going to ask you why you are going to switch to directX when you know OpenGL.  I mean its cross platform unlike directX. Me not being helpful out of the way, you may want to try learncpp.com for their awesome tutorials.  I would take a look at youtube and the directX section here to find help with that (I mean there is bound to be a question just like this there).
  16. Beastinlosers

    Killer game programming in java

    I USED to watch the cherno on YouTube but I would watch the new boston and coding made easy on youtube. They are a little more helpful when you are starting. Then watch the cherno later. He is more advanced and does lots of backend stuff for a while. While the other youtubers have shorter more comprehensive series that will be better for you.
  17. Beastinlosers

    C# seems good, but....

    I am going to go with c# with the monogame framework. What's a good ebook or online tutorial for it. Even something like a "c# in 30 mins" tut would be awesome.
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