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  1. cfreak19

    Android programming on Unity3d

    I appriciate the answers, but that leaves me with the problem of fonts; i currently use skins to manage fonts along with the borders and styles. If i choose a big font it will work on big screens but won't work with the smaller ones; do i have to publish more than a single .apk?
  2. cfreak19

    Android programming on Unity3d

    Thanks for your response but my main problem is the GUI elements that are displayed through code, to get into more detail, will not respond the same way, and i'll have to modify everything through code (select the length, width, coordinates with respect to screen size - screen.width / screen.height), which does not really leave me with much flexibility, as i can only manage certain effects and properties through coding-displaying functionality of Unity3d. Which leads me to believe there must be a way to scale those up properly, i can't publish separate versions for every resolution, it's impractical and kind of repulsive for users, in my opinion.
  3. Hi, i've been working, studying and practicing game programming for some time now, but i am stuck with this problem for a while and i can't seem to find any sources across to web to resolve this issue, hopefully someone will come up and at the very least point me at the right direction; i've noticed when i build my game for android, the resolution does not scale properly, not just that but since there happens to be dozens of different phones with different resolutions i can't really go around it, just by making it fit according to a single resolution.    What i'm really looking for is basically a beginners guide to android development in unity3d, but some answers on my problem or reminders on what to do and what not to do regarding the topic is also appriciated.
  4. cfreak19

    Maya and Unity

    can't you just export the models in object/different file format and re-shade them in the Unity interface?   this way you would know if it works or not aswell.    I also tried a few mockups in Unity with blender-made models in the past, their skin material was off, and too plastic-like once i dragged them to Unity, so i had to create new materials in Unity itself and apply those to the meshes i previously had.
  5. For those who care; I've just fixed the issues i've had with the colliders; when something like that happens the go-to check elements would be the prefabs. If you select non-renewed prefabs (by chance when you set public variables through the scene instances) your commands are directed to the prefab instead of the in-game element, hence the colliders work but the code doesn't. Now i just need to figure out why i didn't get a null reference exception when i hit the play button.
  6. cfreak19

    Open World games in Unity game engine?

    I personally don't see any difference between open or closed environment, nor have i heard much on this, unless there is specific code involved. (like prioritising those inside the "box", though if you put everything in one, it's not really any different then. So what's the difference between using an image background instead of a skybox? Is it still not open world?) Actual problems would occur with ai elements and particles, probably. If anything you can edit the camera's display distance in Unity, if it helps. Although i'm guessing, that is not preferred by most developers, probably.   - I just realised you could be talking about open world elements of a game, but those can be managed to the necessary amounts, we both probably know that open world games have existed long before your computer was produced.    You also want some professional opinion on that. heheh-
  7. i googled it too back then, there were also reports of 2D collision not working while 3D has. There're also people complaining about GetComponent element on the documentation being wrong.   i hope these help because it's all i know of the subject at hand.
  8. cfreak19

    Good Engine For 2D Games?

    Game Maker is way easier and practical for 2D, although using 3D features alongside 2D is charming, nice addition to the list. Especially since you mentioned lighting, i personally much rather have actual light objects hang around then go the distance to learn how to make artificial lighting/shading scripts in my games... Not to mention they are hard to get a hold of in comparison to most type of information over the web.
  9. I've had something similiar with 2D collision, it was fixed when i added rigidbody2D to the object, just make sure one of the objects are destroyed... Otherwise they won't stack, causing each other to drag off the screen. Though your case should be more problematic.
  10. "Vectors in computer science". The original poster is very likely referring to vectors in the second sense listed, but as you can see the label actually refers to quite a number of relevant topics. It's usage in mathematics is also directly applicable.   Ok, "one dimensional array", i did not see that coming.
  11. "vectors" is a subject in physics not computer science, nor programming, the way i know it. But they are useful in game design, so wth.   about your question; it really seems to depend on what you mean by intermediate. I'd call you an advanced programmer, in comparison to a novice programmer who's still messing around with basics. 
  12. cfreak19

    2.5d (isometric) game... depth.

    Thanks for your help, lots of good ideas in there but that does not really solve my problem, i'd rather keep it plain 2D as it is, else my other scripts will have a lot to change.   Edit: anyways, i found a workaround until i find a better way.
  13. Before everything, i have plenty experience in using Game Maker previously, so i more or less know the gist to game making and my actual aim is to improve myself in other ways than just GML. So in order to achieve this i've been preparing with some new sprites for an indie 2.5D game to be carried to unity (some updated sprites of an older, halfway through game), but among things i've been learning here and there, the path to getting the optimum results for my needs, i just cannot figure out and/or could not come to find on the internet how to handle depth perception in 2d, any suggestions and ideas are welcome and highly appriciated. I also need help avoiding certain objects.
  14. cfreak19

    Warcraft 3 style Collision avoidance

    afaik, by experience (that being long hours in front of the game itself) i can say that all you need to do is make sure there's right kind of collision across the board on the z axis; and be able to draw correct lines across the board to the destination so the characters can follow them. Characters would be part of the equation as they cannot be run over. Can't really figure out that part.   I failed to do this a while back and don't see why anyone else shouldn't, truly :)
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