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  1. Neko Bratau

    Pix Figs 3d platformer where you can undo mistakes !

    Gameplay :)   
  2.     In this game you can UNDO your death ! But that ability won't help you to find a finish portal ! What is finish portal ? It's place where you will be teleported to next level or world and it's located somewhere on map and your goal is to find it as fast as possible . On that way you will find different traps,obstacles which will slow you down also you have time back ability which will help you to collect coins on inaccessible places . Collected coins can be used to buy new pix characters (figs) and special worlds , besides that every week I will add up to 25 new levels and 50+ characters . I work alone on this project and it would be good if you can give me small support by visiting  my indie db page : CLICK HERE  Undo mistakes :  Alpha 0.1 coming soon  and of course more update on this thread !
  3. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

    Sadly I must inform you that this project is now stoped :) I started new project and for now I have alpha version of game and it's called Pix Figs . Main goal is to reach finish and to collect coins as fast as possible , pix figs have one special ability and that ability is time back please check out my bloger for more info :    http://pixfigs.blogspot.com/
  4. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

    Your music is awesome really , really awesome   please send email to contact@islat3d.net and we will make agreement !
  5. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

    Yooo new quick video update is heree ! Testing out  unity 5 lighting  and  it's pretty amazing  
  6. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

    We have simple website : www.islat3d.net  before 3d website :) cheers 
  7. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

    Thank you for reply :D  I really  appreciate your support !! 
  8. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

      And quick update before teaser video :) 
  9. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

          Customize your army and character :) 
  10. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

  11. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

        Equip your horse,take best weapons ! Adventure waits !    @i3dstudio twitter !
  12. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

          Ragnald,Firen and Sigmund ;D You should look carefully .
  13. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

            Here we have one of the 3 main characters Sigmund the "Lion Heart" .
  14. Neko Bratau

    Kingdoms Of Dwardomar RPG

    I am indie games developer from Bosnia and Herzegovina worked 5 years mainly as free-lance programmer  . Before few days I decided to start my game project inspired by Zelda,super mario,double dragon and few more games that were my childhood . I think that I am crazy and skillful enough to finish this project so wish me good luck . Here I have few screenshots :                                 First screenshot is town guard you can hire town guards to defend your castle of course if you have enough gold .       More updates will come until that if you WANT  visit our facebook page  and follow us on twitter :   https://twitter.com/i3dstudio https://www.facebook.com/i3dgamesbih/   My game dev adventure  officially started :=) 
  15. Neko Bratau

    Untitled Album

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