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  1. For this example i will be using the word game   <game> code </game>   Easy!
  2. So what command could i use to change the depth while the program is running, such as the character has a depth of 0.5, and you walk up to a rock with 1 depth, then you pick it up, above your head, how would you changes the z axis  to below 0.5?
  3. Really? i didnt know there was such a thing as depths xD i feel really dumb now
  4. (Keep in mind i'm pretty new to GMS still so forgive if i don't understand a few things about it)   So i was testing a few mechanics in GMS and one of the things i was were two sprites in the same x/y coordinate and moving independently of eachother (the bottom sprite moves in the direction of the WASD keys and the top in faces the mouse) but whenever i try to do that the sprite that should be on the top is on the bottom, how do i control sprites from doing this?
  5. Honchkrow

    What is VC#

    Well that makes things a lot easier...
  6. Honchkrow

    What is VC#

    I just generally find this forum has more comprehensive answers.
  7. Honchkrow

    What is VC#

    All of my questions are answered :O
  8. Honchkrow

    Ready yet?

    In order to make ANY type of game i would recommend you AT LEAST learn the basics completely, it can be done without the basics, but i don't recommend it   In my own interpretation i thought it was about problem solving, not trying to say your wrong, its just my own take on it that i wanted to share...
  9. Honchkrow

    What is VC#

    What exactly is VC# (Visual C#) the language used in visual studio, and how is it different from C#? I'm wondering why because im going to be using the 2012 version pretty soon and i would like to know how it works and how its different...
  10. This has nothing to do with your question, and you dont have to answer this if its a private project, but whats the game???
  11. (Before you read anything, just remember that i am learning programming so my advice could be wrong) If you want to do C# or JAVA there are pro's and cons, if you wanna create something with your friend, do C#, and after you learn that do C++ and it will be TONS easier, but in my experience, java is a lot easier to learn in any variation (At least for me)   I believe that JAVA is for both MD and PC but i'm not sure, so you might wanna check it out, and C# is slightly better then JAVA for simple games.  For example, i heard that this one C# book teaches you to make a simple game within the first (50 page give or take) chapter...   Since you're not going to publish games on PC or MD anytime soon, i recommend visual studios, its hard to transfer it to anything, but then again its not going to be pubished on anything, and its takes all types of languages, including C# and JAVA   I hope this was helpful!  Please tell me if anything in this is wrong.
  12.  Well even though i have no knowledge of learning to program, i can still give some advice, that could be entirely wrong so be warned.   From what I've learned, its incredibly hard to make a game right off the bat, everyone mainly says you need to ATLEAST get the basics down before making a simple game, and depending on what genre of the game is, the animation, etc. the language varies, so if you could specify that, it would be great!
  13. Honchkrow

    Where should i start with programming?

    Ok, thanks for the help guys!
  14. Honchkrow

    Where should i start with programming?

    No way of deciding to wait for the VS2013 version or get the VS2012 version... HMMMM
  15. Honchkrow

    Where should i start with programming?

    Just dont ask about python...
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