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  1. (Keep in mind i'm pretty new to GMS still so forgive if i don't understand a few things about it)


    So i was testing a few mechanics in GMS and one of the things i was were two sprites in the same x/y coordinate and moving independently of eachother (the bottom sprite moves in the direction of the WASD keys and the top in faces the mouse) but whenever i try to do that the sprite that should be on the top is on the bottom, how do i control sprites from doing this?

  2. In order to make ANY type of game i would recommend you AT LEAST learn the basics completely, it can be done without the basics, but i don't recommend it


    In my own interpretation i thought it was about problem solving, not trying to say your wrong, its just my own take on it that i wanted to share...

  3. What exactly is VC# (Visual C#) the language used in visual studio, and how is it different from C#? I'm wondering why because im going to be using the 2012 version pretty soon and i would like to know how it works and how its different...

  4. (Before you read anything, just remember that i am learning programming so my advice could be wrong)

    My friend is starting with C++ and however it would be amazing to create something together I feel that this would be aiming to high for myself as he's just a level smarter than I am and C++ would probably be to difficult, at least for now. After doing some research I think JAVA and C# will be more suited for me, however I don't really know much about C# and will ofcourse do some more research on both. So to start my questions/problems:

    If you want to do C# or JAVA there are pro's and cons, if you wanna create something with your friend, do C#, and after you learn that do C++ and it will be TONS easier, but in my experience, java is a lot easier to learn in any variation (At least for me)


    - What language would be best to develop a simple game (mentioned above) that can both be played on the pc and mobile devices (preferably playable on all devices, but if I have to chose then it will be android as I have an android phone myself. Would be pretty hard to test it out on a mobile device otherwise). Also if it's not possible to create a game that's both playable on PC and MD, I'd choose MD to begin with. In the end I'll most likely end up for PC games, dont ask my why cause I don't really know. It's just a feeling.

    I believe that JAVA is for both MD and PC but i'm not sure, so you might wanna check it out, and C# is slightly better then JAVA for simple games.  For example, i heard that this one C# book teaches you to make a simple game within the first (50 page give or take) chapter...


    - What program should I use? Have searched the web for this answer and there are so many choices that I find it hard to choose. Have used Eclipse for the beginning guide with kilobolt, though I got the idea that this platform was somewhat outdated and has been surpassed by others. It was pretty easy to use and accesible imo though. Have also downloaded Android Studios and am currently looking into this. Personally I really want to learn to code while making my games and not just constantly copy some library file with everything in it, I'd like to know what I'm doing. Also probably noteworthy: I can't draw, which brings me to the following question:

    Since you're not going to publish games on PC or MD anytime soon, i recommend visual studios, its hard to transfer it to anything, but then again its not going to be pubished on anything, and its takes all types of languages, including C# and JAVA


    I hope this was helpful!  Please tell me if anything in this is wrong.

  5.  Well even though i have no knowledge of learning to program, i can still give some advice, that could be entirely wrong so be warned.


    From what I've learned, its incredibly hard to make a game right off the bat, everyone mainly says you need to ATLEAST get the basics down before making a simple game, and depending on what genre of the game is, the animation, etc. the language varies, so if you could specify that, it would be great!

  6. I'm looking to start computer programming, I would like to do C++.  I know a small portion of general programming like variables, functions, xy, etc. but I don't know much past that, should I start with a book? is there an online course i can do?  And I've also heard that in order for visual 'things' to happen you need another program for that??? I would really appreciate if someone could help!

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