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  1. Great points. What about conveying story in co-op PvE games (Payday 2, WoW, etc) vs. co-op PvP (Overwatch, CoD, etc)?
  2. Sorry, guess l wasn't clear. l meant writing in terms of story scripts
  3. ln your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges you've faced while writing the scripts for multiplayer games? And if you're willing to go into it further: what do you think are some of the most time-consuming elements to write for multiplayer games? (l'm looking at a lot of job descriptions for game writing in my area and find that they're asking for this kind of experience... and while l have game writing experience, l haven't worked on a multiplayer just yet) Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks! Will do all of that Could you possibly explain what you mean by, "For quests and groups you can give story arcs and the way the individual traits, quirks, and flaws are layered in the text to draw emotion"?
  5. Dammit, just realized this is the wrong subforum. Sorry
  6. Today l heard back from a pretty established game studio about a Game Writer position l applied for. They responded 2 weeks later with a writer's test in 3 parts and said l have a week to complete it. This is a job that could pull me out of a shitty longterm situation, change my life, and allow me to actively chase my dream in the game industry. So l sort of wanna try to not fuck up l was hoping some of you guys could answer some questions l have about this test. l'm a lifelong gamer/writer, but l'm still wet behind the ears working in the game industry: Part 1 is a Q&A composed of 18 questions starting with my gamer history and knowledge, then my general knowledge as a creative writer, then into specific behavioral and industry-relevant questions. How long do you suggest my answers be for this part? For Parts 2 & 3 l need to create a character that would fit into the cast of one of their published games as well as a major quest for said game. These parts are pretty straightforward... but what l'm lost on is that they want me to treat them as if l'm developing a "presentation of the character/quest" for the art direction and/or production teams. ls there a specific format for this kind of presentation? lf not, can l just format it however l prefer to? l seriously, really appreciate any advice you guys have to offer. Thanks in advance -BVA
  7. l'm not sure what you mean in the beginning... l know it's next to impossible to get a full-time or even part-time position as a Game Writer with nothing in your portfolio. That said, l have 2 teams willing to pay me hourly/by the word/whatever to help them write the story, characters, dialogue, etc for their game. lt's not a permanent job, but it is money, however small. l'm more focused on building my game writing portfolio, but still need to eat Maybe l wasn't clear in my post; l've already written tons of fiction. Several of my pieces have been published and won contests or awards. lt's not "writing novels" but as far as story-building skills go, it's essentially the same thing
  8. My freelance writer's rate is $50/hr However, that's because of all my experience and accomplishments in the industry. l don't know whether or not it's fair to translate that to my game writer's rate, since i only have 1 month experience in game dev. Even if it is, l also doubt that most independent teams l meet through game dev forums on sites like GameDev.net or game dev subReddits can afford/are willing to pay $50/hr. So l don't want to quote that rate and scare them off or something; l'm willing to be flexible as a game writer since i'm just starting out. Or maybe i don't need to be? l honestly have no idea, that's why i'm asking more experienced people
  9. Any game devs: what is the max you'd be willing to pay a game writer with this experience? l have some paid offers on the table but need to figure out a fair hourly rate: 15 years of writing experience with a heavy focus on original fiction Published author (short and flash fiction) across multiple contests and literature magazines Already been working with 2-3 game dev teams for the past month (rev-share) lf you care enough/have the time, you can check out my latest published story to get an idea of my skill level l'm a writer discussing direct payment for working on a game. Neither l nor the team leader have a clue what a fair hourly rate is for someone of my experience (or even if it should be done hourly, a single lump sum, weekly, etc) since this is both our first time in this situation (me getting paid directly to write outside rev-share, him paying a game writer).
  10. Hey guys, i appreciate everyone reaching out. l have enough hobby projects right now, so for the time being l'm only accepting paid projects (not rev-share) or projects that are actively being developed.
  11. l see there's a hobby project subforum, but can't find one for paid projects (or i'm blind). ls there a subforum like that here?
  12. Hey guys! l'm a passionate and published writer looking to get my hands dirty in the game dev world, collab with some cool people, and make awesome games. Story arcs, character development, dialogue creation, text editing... you name it, l'm game. l'm perfectly happy doing hobby projects, but if people are getting something like rev-share, i will expect compensation as well EXPERlENCE: 15+ years of writing experience. l've written & edited everything from fiction to journalism to content marketing and more. But mostly fiction. Many of my stories have been published. You can check out my style and see if l'd be a good fit here. OTHER SKlLLS: l've done a small bit of voice-acting and would love the chance to get more into it. l've been told on occasion that i have a "good voice for reading." GENRE STRENGTHS: Drama, horror, mystery, suspense (big Stephen King/SOMA/Prey fan) GAME GENRE: While l have my favorites, l'll be happy working with any genre. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! -Snarky