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  1. Colin Bondzio

    Haste, slow, and refactoring

    where download this so can i help testing the gameplay?
  2. he also found one team mate and that would be me team name is still being discused
  3. trying to understand how Unity works in 3D and in 2D
  4. Colin Bondzio

    New beta version

    and maybe you can make it so that you can change the camera view point with the keyboard and spin the camera
  5. Colin Bondzio

    New beta version

    i found a gamebreaking glitch: when you start a new game the whole game crashes
  6. Colin Bondzio

    New beta version

    maybe you can make it so that guns are droped and able to be pickedup by change like a 1 in 10 change that it is useable
  7. Colin Bondzio

    Merc Tactics: Early beta demo

    I have found a glitch where my soldier got injured and was moved to the hospital but the car never left the village where the soldier was wounded resulting in the car nor the soldier being able to move anymore.     EDIT maybe you could at a health bar above the enemies so you know how much HP they still have
  8. Colin Bondzio

    what is the best?

    what is the best way to start as a gamedeveloper and/or designer?
  9.     This is true if you are learning to program and building the game that way. If you are using a tool like RPGMaker or Adventure Game Creator, this is less true.   the best thing to start with is really small. something like pong. that is the best for real starters.
  10. Colin Bondzio

    why C++?

  11. Colin Bondzio

    I have a game idea but..!?

    you can start with first letting your game be free and then when it is going really wel you should try to ask some money for it but not to much
  12. Colin Bondzio

    easy way to start programing

    what is the best way to start a game designe?  and what is the best amount of people to work with for a game?  
  13. start learning the world
  14. Colin Bondzio

    why C++?

    what is C++ i see it on many places but nower to be found what it is.
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