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  1. lordseanington

    ASCII C++ Graphics Library

    I looked back at this thread forgetting i had cobbled together a basic set of tools for this purpose. I have it posted here on github: https://github.com/aracitdev/AEART/commit/8e4715e594623a6120b8cb4440b7ac14076257db   I am actually using it to make a joke dating simulator game but thanks for the help again.
  2. lordseanington

    ASCII C++ Graphics Library

    I have taken to making my own using SDL actually, and I had good results and okay speed. I created a loadable/saveable image/color format. I have also taken a look at pdcurses, and decided against it mainly because I really want resizable text. Also, I already have another library similar that I like use to make rougelikes. Thank you for your help.
  3. lordseanington

    ASCII C++ Graphics Library

    I will probably end up using an SDL glyph library in the end as I really do not like the windows GDI. Thank you for your responces though. I will also look into Rex paint, although for this purpose I will probably make my own just for fun. Thank you.
  4. lordseanington

    ASCII C++ Graphics Library

    I was looking back the other day at my terrible old console based ASCII games and thought "Hey, I wouldn't mind making a good one now." Only issue is I want to avoid the console and there are no libraries that offer good text based libraries that I know of (although that would be great). If anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to take them. I am a c++ programmer mainly so.. Thank you
  5. lordseanington

    Patent trolls attacking small indie developers

    This is an issue for me, lucky I didn't do anything or else I might get threats, I am an indie mmorpg dev and due to this I might not ever release my project. Hopefully someone eventually tales them to court and has the patent claimed ambiguous. I am not risking anything.
  6. lordseanington

    Copyright Questions

    Hello, Sean here, I have been working hard on an MMORPG that is named but not at all released. For the previous 6 months with my small dev crew have been working hard. The game is 2d. My question is when you copyright a game, do you copyright each version released or is there another way. Thank you for your help
  7. OK, so i have created a colition detector using bounding boxes. It gets the blocks below the player, one on the right, one on the left, or if the player is completely perfect on the block, the center one. It then creates bounding boxes, but it isnt working for some reason. IM only going to show some of it, but youll get the idea.   bool testForCollision(const boundingbox& a, const boundingbox& b) {     if (a.lry < b.uly) return false; // top of a is below bottom of b     if (a.uly > b.lry) return false; // bottom of a is above top of b     if (a.lrx < b.ulx) return false; // right of a is more right than left of b     if (a.ulx > b.lrx) return false; // left of a is more left than right of b     return true; // otherwise, they must be colliding somewhere }   bool check_colition_down(int speed) { int tempx=mainplayer.x; int tempy=mainplayer.y+speed; int tempblockx1=ceil(tempx/32); int tempblocky1=floor((tempy+mainplayer.height)/32); int tempblockx2=ceil(tempx/32); int tempblocky2=ceil((tempy+mainplayer.height)/32); boundingbox blockbelow; blockbelow.setposition(tempblockx1*32,tempblocky1*32,tempblockx1*32+32, tempblocky1*32+32); boundingbox blockbelow2; blockbelow2.setposition(tempblockx2*32,tempblocky2*32,tempblockx2*32+32,tempblocky2*32+32); if(testForCollision(blockbelow2,mainplayer.colition)) { if(testForCollision(blockbelow,mainplayer.colition)) { if(!blocklist[mainmap.getblock(tempblockx1,tempblocky1)].walkable) { if(!blocklist[mainmap.getblock(tempblockx2,tempblocky2)].walkable) return false; } } } return true; }
  8. lordseanington

    Colition Detector

    OK, does anyone have one of these systems to show.me?
  9. lordseanington

    Colition Detector

    I am working and c++, and have worked on a Colition Detector. It isnt working out properly. It is a 2d sidescroller game and its a sandbox. I want to know how to make one, as my system is not working curently. mainplayer.x, mainplayer.y, mainplayer.speed, mainplayer.width, and mainplayer.height are the major player variables im using. I am trying to get the block a player is walking or falling twords, check if you can walk through it, and stop him/her if it isnt. Each block is 32x32 pixels, and the player moves pixel by pixel. Any help?
  10. lordseanington

    ascii game camera

    That was exactly what I was looking for, and there is not a system, to my knollege, that allows for off screen drawing on the console, so I'll use this method Thanks
  11. lordseanington

    ascii game camera

    What I am wanting is a scrolling camera, using the double buffer system, I created my own image class and loading system, and what I need is for the camera to follow the player, meaning, showing any part that the player can see and disregard what the player isn't supposed too, as this is a tile map. The problem I'm.having with the x-a system, is transforming player coordinates to.block coordinates, as a player moves by pixel, and a block is 4 pixels, (when I say pixels I mean single chars) , and when I devide the player coordinates to access blocks, the camera only shows a new block every 4 steps.
  12. lordseanington

    ascii game camera

    I am creating a text based game in the console using a special windows only technique and my own image class system, that can easily be drawn with Console.draw(x,y,image) and Console.render(); I am trying to create a camera class using this method which has smooth movement, by none of.them.have worked. I want the camera to center on player.x and player.y as well as use VIEW_width and VIEW_height. Each image is 4x4 characters. Does anybody have a solution?
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